Event: dp Exchange 2011 Cologne September 21st

As today is a public holiday in France (Assumption Day, just fyi) what better day to choose than this to start a new series on this blog.

The inspiration has formed over the past couple of weeks when a few people wrote me to ask what fairs or salons or conferences it might be worth attending. Now, as I always say education 2.0 is not so one-dimensional that I could recommend and say this or that very event was the one to go to. It depends where you come from and what you want or also who do you want to connect with or meet. But as I talk with so many people in the industry and always at least try to connect the dots, I think I can at least try and put some events up here?

What I decided to do is to pepper this blog with some hopefully relevant recommendations and this only from time to time as I want to avoid that it turned into something like ‘this is THE event of month xy’. I base my recommendations either because I take part in these conferences myself or I have at least deeper knowledge about them than just reading about the announcement online. I’m also going to give you some information for whom I would imagine this or that event be of interest.

The first event I would like to share is Exchange 2011 – global forum on business communication and talent management organised by German e-learning provider dp. The initiative takes place from the 3rd week in September until the end of September and you have five different countries to choose (click on the cities on the upper right best to get to the localized pages and see what topics are the most relevant to you).

Personally, I will take part in the Cologne event on September 21 which is part of the city’s big annual HR Expo. Naturally, this will be more interesting for those among you who work in business and universities and want to learn about and exchange on the opportunities of e-learning in a professional context. The event is titled quite ambitiously ‘The future of learning’ but I’m positive that we won’t let you down in showing some best practises and engaging a discussion with the audience as the event itself as well as the afternoon workshops with Fraunhofer Institut are designed to be hands-on instead of lecture-style only.

Following the link above, you can get your free ticket for dp Exchange 2011 which also gives you access to HR Expo on September 21st. That in itself is a pretty compelling deal already when I look at normal ticket prices.

I believe that’s a great opportunity to meet in real life with some of you and I’m happy that some readers have already told me to come. It’s always a great feeling to see and speak with the real person although I feel that I have known some of you pretty well based on your activity on this blog and you comments.

Picture: By Thomas Wolf (Der Wolf im Wald) (Eigenes Werk) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


  • Remy Hair Extensions

     The global forum on business communication looks more attractive to me to attend and relates to our area of expertise.  Thanks for the useful information..