ETCon 03 – Review

Last friday I hosted the third edition of the E-Teachers Conference about the Future of Teachers in a Global and Digital World. The panelists were Christopher Grant of Sclipo, Duane Sider of Rosetta Stone, Shiv Rajendran of LanguageLab and Stephan Stephensen of Mingoville.

All of them did great presentations covering various aspects of the changes teachers will have to face in this changing environment.

The main point I got out of this presentation is the fact that we are at the dawn of the web application age. This is definitely something we will have to count in when thinking about new services and ways in online education including mobile applications / mobile learning.

The teacher is a sheep dog is a very good picture of the position educators should see themselves. Step aside, you are not the center of the universe or the only fountain of wisdom. Be a guide.

Knowledge is everywhere. Students can learn at their own pace without the tight schedule of a classic school. You can login to the internet and learn anytime, anywhere and do as much as you like.

Teachers need to add new technologies to their curriculum because kids are expecting this. It is no contradiction to learn in a playful environment.

You can download the complete recording of the third ETCon at

If you would like to learn more about the participants, I interviewed them all.

Christopher Grant on EDUKWEST
Duane Sider on Educational Grown Ups
Shiv Rajendran on EDUKWEST
Stephan Stephensen on EDUKWEST

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  • chinamike

    I listened twice and I was most impressed with Duane's presentation. I know that the dawn of Internet education is now (when). He helped answer the question of how (like a shaggy dog) better than the other participants.

    The whole discussion of tool use and which tool is better is empty without a discussion of the teacher's changing instruction role as all these tools are getting mashed together.

    Overall, he did a great job of telling a story. We need a few more story tellers and a bit less less “my new tool is better than yours” bravado in my opinion.

  • bjoernlasse

    Finally had some time to check out the presentations. Great Job Kirsten :)!