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Embrace Who You Are

Kirsten thinksIt’s late on Sunday here in France, close to 11pm but that won’t mean that I can’t post a short one for you, right? Right.

Though I took half the day off to visit my aunt and have some family time with coffee, cake and a BBQ I also did some work today. Part of my hiatus from blogging was the necessity to verify what actually works and what doesn’t in my small online “empire”. This is something I totally forgot to do in 2011, hence it was about time for me to start reviewing things in early 2012.

Essentially it boils down to the cognition that there are a couple of things I am really good at. Blogging and interviewing is one of them (tooting my own horn here) and teaching languages is another one. Unfortunately, the latter one fell to short last year. Thus I decided to concentrate on that part of my online life, and I came up with a new concept for a second YouTube channel.

Lesson number one here is that you need to grab your turf in social media early on. Back in 2009 I reserved the domain (talk German), and luckily I also grabbed the matching YouTube account. This pays off today, three years later.

Having the matching “vanity URLs” for your online business makes it easier to be found, and if one day you decide to go all in and build a new product, even three years later, you have layed the foundation already.

In order to launch my new YouTube channel all I needed to remember were password, take down my old homepage and replace it with a WordPress blog. Sure, I still had to create the videos / content and all that stuff, but having a decent home is already a good start.

So why is this post titled “Embrace Who You Are” you might ask. Well, it took me a while to realize that there are people out there who really enjoy my way of teaching. That is true offline as well as on the Internet. Hence – talking from a business perspective – there is money to be made, one way or the other.

Also, it is kind of fulfilling to create content that is truly appreciated. Yes, that is also true for blogging and my interviews but the best and also most feedback I receive is based on my German videos.

Another part of this is Tim Ferriss’s “Four Hour Work Week” book which I am currently (finally) reading. It is very much in line with my experiences and encouraged me once again that getting back to my roots is probably one of the best things I can do.