Edupunk at Startup Weekend Indianapolis Day 2

Our field reporter George Machlan of Edupunk uploaded a bunch of pretty interesting videos from day 2 of the Startup Weekend in Indianapolis. I am really looking forward to the final presentations and I have to say that I am quite impressed with some of the product ideas.

Also, George is doing an awesome job as interviewer. I think, I am going to contract him for an own show on the KWTV network.

George started the day with a little warm up video together with his team leader Daniel.

In the next video George interviewed Dustin Dubois, a lawyer from Ice Miller LLP Legal Counsel in Indianapolis. Ice Miller is one of the supporters of the Startup Weekend in Indianapolis and gives free advice to the startups there. In this short talk Dustin gives a short overview what a lawyer can do for early stage startups.

In this third video George talks with Lorraine Ball, the organizer of the Startup Weekend Indianapolis about what will usually happen at day 2.

At lunchbreak George interviewed some people waiting in the line about the progress of their products.

Next up was an interview with Steven of CMC Media Group, another supporter of Startup Weekend Indianapolis. CNC Media Group is specialized in video production for over 25 years and advises the startups in media and video production. Steven’s advice for us: just do it. Get a flip cam, start recording and pump it out and I totally agree with him. If I look at my first three Deutsch Happen videos, you will understand ;). They can still be found on my Youtube channel.

This is one of my favs of this weekend so far. Gnomad Desk is not a web application or software but a “real” physical product. The idea is to have a laptop stand built into your baggage so when you are at the train station or airport and don’t get a free table you will still be able to work.

Another cool idea, this time an application. Joel’s idea is Notesee, a conference note sharing application, built on top of Simple Note.

And in the last video George filmed some interaction in a team to cover the inner process of building a product in only 54 hours. The team is building Stats Squared which will pull together your multiple Twitter accounts on one page. This could infact be very interesting.

For more pictures and videos from the event, visit Startup Weekend Indianapolis on Facebook, link below. I’m eager to get the videos from day 3 and see the final pitches.

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  • Louis George Machlan

    Day three and the final “Pitch” competition was great. I did finally crash (went to sleep). I hope to get my vids and pics up today or tonight. Still losing about half of my footage. I am using the easiest video camera on the market (Flip Video) but cannot multi-task. I enjoyed the experience but 54 hours straight is way to much for me. I may actually have to admit that I am getting older. I kept digging for dirt, angst, espionage type stuff, but came up empty. I am sure that in my retelling of the experience it will get better and juicier. “Once upon a time…”

    George “Scoop” Machlan