Edupunk at Startup Weekend Indianapolis Day 1

The future Internet TV mogul and founder of the Edupunk Channel George Machlan is reporting for EDUKWEST from the Startup Weekend in Indianapolis.

Actually, I suggested him to go there to mix and mingle with the local startup scene and build some connections with developers and other interesting guys in order to get input for the Edupunk Channel that launched in pre-beta last week on WiZiQ.

As George is one of the most creative minds I know in education, he came up with his own twist and declared himself as field reporter for EDUKWEST, covering the 54 hours of the Startup Weekend, showing us how entrepreneurs pitch their ideas, find people who want to work with them on a prototype and launch it on the last day.

Startup Weekend is an amazing world wide initiative that brings together ideas and execution, all in one weekend. But without further ado, here is the first video George Machlan took at day 1 of  Startup Weekend Indianapolis.

Update: George uploaded a second video of Day 1

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