EDUKWEST has a first Sponsor: Vodburner

EDUKWEST just released the 25th episode of the show. My guest was Gagan Biyani, Co-Founder of Udemy – the Academy of You.

I took this milestone as a good reason to make some changes. Don’t worry, the format stays the same but I think it was time for some investments in the show.

First of all you will notice that I have a new camera. After three years I thought it would be nice to have a new one. The quality is really great and I will write more about it soon.

But even more important: EDUKWEST has a first Sponsor. Jeremy Hague, Co-Founder of Netralia agreed to provide the show with his recording tool Vodburner.

As the tagline of Vodburner says, it takes Skype Video to the next level as the tool not only records your Skype calls but also comes with a great editing tool which allows you to post produce your video and upload it directly to YouTube if you like to.

Vodburner Console

Vodburner Console

I am really impressed by the quality of the product and the service. First I had some issues with my camera but Paul Andrews, one of the developers of the tool was very helpful and in just about one day they released an update that fixed the problem.

Therefore I am really looking forward to the upcoming interviews on EDUKWEST using Vodburner which will also make it much more convenient for my guests to be on the show. They just need their Skype, nothing more.

Vodburner will also sponsor an upcoming weekly show on this blog here. Hence if you like EDUKWEST it would be great if you could say Thank you to Vodburner for sponsoring the show.

If you are on Twitter, just click the link below to send out a tweet.

Thank you @Vodburner for sponsoring @edukwest

You can test Vodburner 30 days for free in the full version. Just go to and download this awesome tool.

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  • Louis George Machlan

    It is a ntural for simple interviews and evals I will be doing with students for progress refrences. Thanks for the tip, I doubt I will need the paid version.

  • Louis George Machlan

    At first I was a little put off by Vodburner's insistence on being in control of my skype. I almost removed it but shared with Ben and we decided to play with it. I was surprised at how slow the post production of the recording assembly took to assemble.

    But then… the post editing feature was great! So simple and intuitive. It doesn't do a lot, but what it does do is perfect for me and my applications (Tutoring English online) I love my Flip video even though people make fun of it because it is a no-brainer. These guys are on to something great, an out-of-the-can ready to use app that does not require training.

    I highly recommend it to you.

    But… it is extremely slow. Be prepared to let it run in the background for a long time while you do other stuff.

    And, I have not been able to find a simple video tutorial on its functions. Hello! It surprises me that the plumber doesn't have nice plumbing in his own house and the perfect creator of skype recording has not created a simple video for teaching its use… what's wrong with this picture?

    OK, I am passive aggressive. You will want this app if you use skype, period! Oh, did I mention, IT'S FREE no matter how much I complain and whine these guys give value for the cost beyond calculation.

    • KirstenWinkler

      Glad you like it. :) Vodburner is pretty new so it's normal that there are some issues but the guys are very responsive and it is hands down the best tool for Skype recordings I tested.

  • Louis George Machlan

    They took 8.5 hours to respond to my whining and pouting email for help. I think they were in bed when I sent the call for help and I dropped your name in the conversation so I really do not know if they will be that fast with all free users or just those who call you friend.

    They offered several avenues for me to get more help from them, even after I told them I would probably remain a free user! Either they are absolutely great or your name is Gold in getting attention.

    Thanks again,
    George Machlan
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    Mi WIZIQ casa, su casa

    • KirstenWinkler

      I am planning to interview Jeremy, the founder so I can ask him ;).