EDUKWEST #29 with Darien Brown & Jon Hickey of YongoPal – Teaser

In this EDUKWEST interview I talked to the Co-Founders of YongoPal Darien Brown (CEO) and Jon Hickey (CTO) about their new service.

YongoPal is a platform that is targeting the South Korean ESL market with conversation training. The service connects South Korean university students with American students and aims to train English conversation skills.

In this part of the interview Darien and Jon explain their service in more detail.

To me YongoPal is one of the upcoming stars in online education. Though they are not targeting the globe but only one specific market and in this market even only a small niche. I would be very surprised if the YongoPals don’t achieve the goals they set. I will invite them for an interview after their first season for sure to talk about what worked, what not and how they will work on their service.

You can watch the entire interview with Darien Brown and Jon Hickey on EDUKWEST.