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After a long beta test with its community officially launched its new classes system last tuesday.

The approach is quite unique. The only website that can offer the teacher paid classes with more than one student is The problem with is though that the scheduling system is a bit tricky.

What are the new possibilities for us teachers?

  1. Right now most language learning platforms only offer one-on-one classes. This means that the price of those classes is quite high and for many students around the globe not affordable.
    Now you have the possibility to offer group lessons with up to 100 students. Sure, when you have a class with 100 students in it you cannot really interact anymore, even with 20 or 10 students it is quite difficult but you can offer the lessons at a much lower price.

    If your normal rate is lets say 20 Euro per 30 minutes and you offer a class for 5 students, you could go down to 4 Euro per student! For 10 students 2 Euro per student etc.

    There is still the problem to get 5 or more students for this class but I personally see a big future for these kind of lessons. It opens you new markets like India, China, Africa, South America etc with literally billions of potential clients!

  2. Social learning is a big market. There are many students who love to learn in a group. They only had the choice to go to an “offline” school before. Now you can offer this service online! You can even start events with your one-on-one students, meeting once a week and have a convertional lesson together.
  3. offers now the possibility to open classes about every subject you like. The topic is not fixed on languages anymore. This way you can start to teach about what you love besides languages, like gardening, cooking, scrap booking or whatever comes to your mind.

All in all a major step in the online education sector. I will offer some classes on soon.

Here you can read the official announcement of

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  • Koichi

    Hey Kirsten – thank you for the shout out! Subbing your blog now :)

  • Pingback: Kirsten Winkler()

  • KirstenWinkler

    Hello Koichi, you are welcome :) I really think this is a great feature and I will try it out as soon as I can!

  • Koichi

    Let me know if you were interested in setting up a class, or joining a class – I’ll set you up with a coupon so you can try one out :)

  • KirstenWinkler

    In fact I did already both 😉
    I took a latin class and some arabic classes AND I set up a german class today (you can join me there!)

    Btw, GREAT, AWESOME, SUPERBE videos and blog you make!

  • Vikrama Dhiman

    Dear Kirsten:

    I am Vikrama Dhiman, Product Manager –

    I have watched the recording of your sessions on German and find them really good. I also wanted to know your concerns regarding the scheduling system. What can be improved?


    Vikrama Dhiman
    Product Manager

  • KirstenWinkler

    Hello Vikrama,

    thanks for your comment. I will take a closer look on your schedule system again and then get in touch with you.

    I have some ideas for a “perfect” schedule which I did not found yet on any website. So maybe you will be the first ones ;).

    Talk to you soon,