eduFire raises $1.3 Million for their Platform

There you go. You take one weekend off in Bordeaux to relax, then you come back home and get an email from Jon Bischke saying

[…] I would love to (talk with you) but this month is really crazy. […] Lots of good things happening. I’m excited to share with you! […]

Ok, so talk to you end of September, I wrote. Then, after a really great interview with Bernhard Niesner, the Co-Founder of on my EDUKWEST series, which you can watch over here, Bernhard sent me the link to this TechCrunch article titled: EduFire Raises $1.3 Million For Video Education Platform

Jon, Jon: if this is “just” good, then I am really excited to hear your news in a couple of weeks!

I won’t rewrite the TechCrunch article here as it contains enough information for the moment. But I will try to schedule a new interview with Jon to ask him about these exciting moments that led to this funding.

For now, congratulations to you Jon and all the guys at eduFire. It is really great to see that your platform and therefore the whole educhange movement is finally getting the attention and support it deserves.

Edit: Jon was invited to the Happy Hour Show on

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  • chinamike

    Can you tell me where I can find the links to the interviews? I couldn't access the interviews when I went to Eduquest (I'm using safari).

    • KirstenWinkler

      Hey Mike,
      maybe you can try out the show page on

      • chinamike


        Too bad but blip TV seems to be on the list of blacklisted sites in China. Of course we will never know for sure as the list isn't published but I can't access it from here. Just a heads up, it is a “typical life in China” event.

        My best,


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