eduFire or How to Change Education, NOW

Jon Bischke just announced the following on Twitter:

I admit, I am a bit lost for words. This is the proof that educhange is not only a vision anymore. It is happening. Before I wrap this up in a bigger post, I will have to let it sink a bit.

In the meanwhile please read the whole announcement and the available courses on the eduFire blog.

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  • chinamike

    I wouldn't jump up and down too much because what they are doing is simply preparing you to take tests. They are NOT offering college credit. In fact, this credit ain't worth a damn UNTIL you are given a college degree which still costs a pretty penny in the US.

    These kinds of things have been around for YEARS with tens of thousands of students having already taken advantage of the system. I think this system has been around for 30 years or more.

    I don't mean to rain on your parade but distance education and supplementary certification tests existed long before the Internet was popular. Congratulations John, but unfortunately, revolutionary this isn't. It is a wonderfully, innovative way to extend your business model and get some distance on the language teaching market.

    May I suggest another course by the way? Please find a way to offer classes in Adobe Catalyst. The Beta software is still free and the potential audience is huge and as yet there are no instructional books out on the market.

    • KirstenWinkler

      I still keep jumping up and down because Jon is finally someone who is not just talking about making a change, he does something. And even if it is not unique or new or perfect: it is already 100 times better than the options students have right now.
      Small steps into the right direction will eventually get you there one day. Standing at the same point and discussing how things need to be will bring you no where.
      I'll ask Koichi about Catalyst. He is an Adobe fan :)