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eduFire is now part of Camelback Education

There’s life in the old dog yet! After over seven months of silence on the eduFire blog Jon Bischke gave a short statement today saying that he is

[…] excited to announce that eduFire is now a part of Camelback Education Group, a higher education holding company based in Phoenix, Arizona.

What does this mean? We don’t know yet.

The information on the blog post is not very detailed basically saying that the eduFire team met the Camelback Education team back in 2009 and that both sides were excited about the product of the other party and that there could be apparently some synergies between the two.

According to the blog post most parts of eduFire will stay unchanged and you will still be able to give one-to-one sessions and classes.

Hence we have to take a look at Camelback Education for some more information. Quoting their website which is linked below this post

Camelback Education Group, Inc. (CEG) is an investment and management company focused on the higher education industry. We own and operate a portfolio of higher education institutions and education related businesses. Our mission is to innovate the delivery of education. We are active in both online and on ground environments and our passion is to make education accessible, affordable, and dynamic. We seek acquisitions of higher education entities as well as technology, marketing, and service businesses that are highly complementary with our holdings.

If you take a look at the portfolio you will find the Chandler University which will be launched in 2010, the Piccolo International University launched in 2005, the Institute of Construction Management & Technology launched in 2006 and now eduFire. As Jon mentions in the blog post the synergies between eduFire and Camelback Education were in the higher education sector and if you go on the Chandler University website you will already see the eduFire logo there.

Right now the Chandler University is not accepting applications as it is not yet licensed by the State of Arizona.

And that is it for now. To sum this up: eduFire brings its college credit courses to the table plus the teachers and a proven, solid elearning platform. Camelback Education brings the money and the experience in setting up for profit education institutions. A really interesting mix and I wonder how much of the “original” eduFire will be still left at the end of 2010.

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  • daveschappell

    regardless, i'm really excited for Jon and the team, and probably even more excited for the team at Camelback, as they find out the huge asset(s) that they just brought on board

    onward, team eduFire — very psyched for you all!

  • Steve Cooper

    Thanks for the great post Kirsten and kind words Dave. We are very excited about eduFire and working with the community that Jon and his team built. We do not have major plans for changing the community because Jon's team did such an amazing job building eduFire. We are, however, very excited to see how well eduFire can continue to serve as a learning platform for online college courses and how the platform can be leveraged to democratize higher education. We welcome the opportunity to work with everyone!

    Steve Cooper
    Camelback Education Group
    Chief Executive Officer
    5110 N 44th Street Suite L108
    Phoenix, AZ 85018
    P: (602) 343-8243
    F: (480) 907-1728

  • KirstenWinkler

    Steve, I think we should meet for a talk on Skype and get to know each other. I agree with Dave, eduFire is a rock solid system and with a great team including some of the best online educators on the platform.

    I also think it was a good decision of Jon to team up with Camelback Education as I see online video lessons more and more as a FNAC and that fits perfectly in the framework of an online university.

    • Steve Cooper

      that sounds awesome Kirsten! Will send you email now. thanks!

  • George

    I am sad to see another great platform go “conventional”. Edupunk is such a catchy moniker but it isn't a financially viable paradigm… yet. I continue to hope that the online community can find its way clear of world paradigms. Edufire was a great group of teachers to tease (I am on team WIZIQ) but they were sincere and full of fire. I hope they can hold on to some of the great entrepreneurial fever . Particularly the ability for anyone to try their hand at teaching in an open and friendly environment.