eduConference 2 on – Turning Teachers into Rockstars

Today, sunday 8th of february I will attend the second eduConference on

Infact, I received an email from Koichi friday night, asking me if I could do a presentation there. And as I love presentations and conferences, I said “count me in”.

Now I am working on the slides and I really hope that I will finish them on time.The first eduConference was all about “The future of Education”. There were participants of, and and all in all it was a big success.

As I said in the title, the topic of the second eduConference will be “Turning Teachers into Rockstars”. A very interesting topic and I am really looing forward to the other presenters tomorrow.

I want to give a brief overview about my point of view how you can turn an average teacher into an international rockstar.

If you are interested in this topic, there are still some places left. Just register an account on and join the class. You can find it here.

Maybe see you there tomorrow. If not, I will post a review on my blog, of course.

  • China_Mike

    I missed it unfortunately. Looking forward to your write-up.

  • KirstenWinkler

    Hi Mike,
    you really missed something. Was a great evening followed by a mind blowing presentation of Jon Bischke about Connected Consumership. I have to fix my business model because of this, I think.

    I will write a detailed review, of course :)

  • online high school

    I think about this lot of time..But i never tried to write up..You did it…Thanks..

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