Edoboard gets a Tutoring Management Solution – launches Tutorsbox

The founders of Edoboard, a virtual classroom built for maths and science classes (can also be used for language lessons, of course), launched a complete tutoring management solution for schools and institutions called Tutorsbox.

The goal is to help those institutions and schools to organise and supervise tutors and students more easily.

Tutorsbox is a B2B service built around the Edoboard classroom. The Tutorsbox platform can of course be branded to the appearance of the school or institution and it will connect to the existing authentication system.

The main services are Admin and Reporting on the one hand and the Private User Space on the other.

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Admin and Reporting includes tutor and student account managing, detailed session usage statistics in real time and access to session history.

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The Private User Space lets tutors and students create their own space where they can manage meetings, profiles, contacts and internal messages.

I think this is a very interesting product for schools or institutions which want to outsource at least some of their lessons on the internet. They get a virtual classroom plus management tool and the price is really attractive as my last information is something about 4 to 5 Euros per hour given using the Edoboard classroom with Tutorsbox.

The first client of Tutorsbox is the renown HEC school in Paris which also has its own incubator program in which Edoboard was promoted in November 2008.