#Edchat – the new Teacher Movement on Twitter


There is a quite rapidly growing new movement amongst educators on Twitter these days. #Edchat is the chatty brother of #TeacherTuesday and although he is fairly young, #Edchat is constantly attracting moreĀ  educators to join in a weekly discussion on Twitter.

#Edchat was founded by Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson, and ShellTerrell because they wanted to enlarge education related discussions by making them easier to follow or to join them. Therefore they came up with the #Edchat hashtag. They even split the #Edchat into two parts so people from across the globe have the chance to follow it and of course to contribute.

Like #TeacherTuesday the #Edchat is a weekly event taking place every Tuesday. The rules are simple. If you would like to share a teacher with your followers use the #TeacherTuesday hashtag. If you want to take part in the discussion, mark your tweet with the #Edchat hashtag.

The topic of each #Edchat will be voted on every Monday. There are 5 topics to vote on via twtpoll. Just follow Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson, and ShellTerrell or search for the #Edchat hashtag at http://search.twitter.com to find the weekly poll.

If you want to know more about #Edchat, you should visit Shelly Terrell’s blog and read the posts What is #Edchat and #Edchat: Join the Conversation.

Looking forward to the next #Edchat, which will be my first one. And cheers to Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson, and ShellTerrell for connecting educators from around the globe and enabling them to share their thoughts!

  • http://teacherbootcamp.edublogs.org/ shellyterrell

    I look forward to your input in the discussions. You carry a great deal of experience in having collaborative discussions with several through the #etcon conference. I have signed up and look forward to the next one! Will you be playing devil's advocate for this edchat like in the conference? This always brings out further thinking I believe!

    I will be adding your post to an update on the blog. Thanks for sharing #edchat with your readers!

    • http://kirstenwinkler.com KirstenWinkler

      Hi Shelly,
      it would be an honour to play the devil's advocate on #edchat. It's a dirty job but someone has got to do it ;).

      And I agree, this always brings out a deeper discussion if there are some controversial thoughts.

      Thanks again to you and the guys for the #edchat. Looking forward to next tuesday!

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