Drop the #VocabBomb – Game on Twitter to brush up your Vocab

Just finished a nice talk with Jeff Novich of VocabSushi and I am really happy to have him back on EDUKWEST this coming Monday to catch up on what he has been up to in the past months since our first interview.

One thing I would like to share with you already now is a cool little game he developed based on VocabSushi using Twitter and the hashtag #vocabbomb.

Every day will have its own challenge, e.g. a word which you normally would not use that often like today’s word “coy”. The challenge is to use this word in a unique and funny way in a Tweet that is then marked with the #vocabbomb hashtag. For example

I showed up to class today a little unkempt. Even my shoelaces weren’t tied. #vocabbomb.

All tweets are automatically captured on the VocabBomb website and the community can then vote them up or down in order to find the Tweets they think are the best. Retweets of your followers will also count for your score.

Besides being a great way to promote the VocabSushi website (rightfully so as it’s a great learning method) and iPhone app, VocabBomb is a great learning tool in itself. First and foremost, it makes you use words which you normally won’t think of in day to day conversations. It’s a challenge and gets your creative juices flowing, as Jeff writes on the page.

I think, this is a great training for everyone who is creating content, for native English speakers as well as ESL speakers and it could be used in SAT & GRE preparation or the classic English classes.

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