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Don’t call me

Before I got annoyed with Skype I was annoyed with telephones. Especially after moving to France where cold calls and other forms of telephone marketing really get out of hand. That’s why I decided pretty quickly to unplug my land line phone at least at certain times during the day . A ringing phone is a killer when you are working on a blog post or are in the middle of a Skype interview.

To me those calls are on the same scale of annoyance as people who turn up on your doorstep trying to talk you into buying stuff. They know that they will catch you off guard, making it easier for them to get your attention and hopefully money.

I am now at a point where I basically don’t want to get called or make calls anymore. 90% of the time calls come at an inconvenient time, they break your workflow and are simply useless. There are very few cases in which a phone call makes sense and nearly all of them are bad news like the death or injury of a loved one.

In today’s world it makes much more sense to buffer your interactions with family, friends and business partners. That’s why we use email, Facebook comments, tweets and sometimes chats. You get the sense of urgency by the title and then fit in your answer when appropriate.

Therefore the moment an edtech startup calls me on my phone trying to sell me something their credit score goes down like the Hindenburg. One, you know who you are, seems to employ an entire telephone marketing armada that seems to call everyone who ever signed up for an account. On the one hand, that has such a 90ies touch and I can’t imagine that it does them any good. From talks with other people in my “age group” and blogs or webcasts I know that this is a common feeling these days.

Society changed due to social media and always connected devices, so did communication. And in a time in which more and more people are concerned about their data and privacy, making cold calls on phone numbers you scraped from Facebook Connect could quickly turn against your startup.

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  • awaldstein

    Right on.

    About three years ago Om Malik posted on this. He and you are right on mark.

    I have my cell number out there and almost no one calls me except the inner circle of my life, really old connections who have their own rules with me, and scheduled ones.

    Those who break this really aggravate me. In fact, cold calls from a business perspective are immediately dumped into the ‘it will never happen’ group.

    I agree and well said. Social nets have let us layer our ways towards move efficient conversation that ends in a call or connecting face to face.

    Nice one.

    • KirstenWinkler

      Good point “efficient conversation that ends in a call”.

  • chinamike

    telephone marketing = brute force marketing. And they hope i react how? Sure, I love that, just hit me in the face again.

    • KirstenWinkler

      Good one :)