Contest: EDUKWEST is giving away 5 Free Tickets to LAUNCH Pad Oct 21st


We have the first LAUNCH Pad Tablet Conference coming up on Oct. 21 at Microsoft in Mountain View, California. As the name suggests, the conference will focus on how tablets have changed the way we use technology and engage.

The potential of iPad and other tablet devices is immense, throughout the conference you’ll learn how they’re being used and what’s being developed for them.

EDUKWEST has the privilege to give 5 free tickets to our readers (each is at a value of $1000 for non-developers). As EDUKWEST is a media company for education, we are, of course, interested in hearing what you develop/would develop for an educational use of iPad/tablet devices, where you see its greatest potential and how you see today’s students want to learn with tablets.

Everybody, developers, teachers, schools administrators, principals, startup people, is more than welcome to join the competition. To enter the contest you need to

  1. subscribe to the free EDUKWEST Newsletter
  2. answer the questions “How would you use iPad in an educational context? What products would you build for teachers to use or you think students would like to learn with?” in the comments of the blog post linked below.

Good Luck!