Content not Faces?

I recently started a new video lesson series for my free Deutsch Happen project. It’s about the most often used verbs in German and I conjugate them in four different cases.

The interesting part for me is that

  • those videos receive more views than my older videos
  • those videos get more comments, too

So I wonder if I still should do videos where you can see me or will I change my video concept completety… is it just about content and not about faces?

Here you can see one of my new videos:

And here is one of the older ones:

What do you think? Which video is better, e.g. better to learn with etc? Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Right now I am at the point where I think I will do some Vlog-style basic videos with me in which I will explain cultural or fun things about German and then do the teaching videos in the new style.

And if you would like to learn some German with me, you can visit Deutsch Happen, of course ;).

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  • China_Mike


    On Firefox, your videos don’t appear.