CoboCards gives you a Sneak Peak on its Upcoming Pro Product

The German online flashcard platform CoboCards twittered to its users a link to a sneak peak video of the yet to launch pro accounts.

As I also had an EDUKWEST interview with Tamim Swaid, the founder and director of CoboCards, I think it’s about time to write up a little blog post about this company.

CoboCards started as an university project in 2007 and on last thursday the memorandum of association was signed, turning this project into a limited company. From February 1st CoboCards will offer a Pro account turning the service into a Freemium model.

CoboCards does not want to change the behaviour or learning style of its users. The idea is to give them a more elaborate tool to learn the way they like best, via index cards, but taking this to another level. You can learn and share your flashcard sets on the CoboCard platform, building sets together with other users and also learn them together. If you like you can also print them out, cut them and learn the classic offline way. An iPhone and Android application are also in the making connecting directly to your data on the CoboCard platform. This way your score will be automatically updated even if you learn the flashcards on your mobile device.

In the near future CoboCards is also planning to build a marketplace where everyone can sell their content as well as working together with big publishers who would also offer their content on this flashcard market. I think this is a really interesting and innovative approach adding a new revenue stream also for online educators.

One of the corner stones of the CoboCards concept is the idea of building micro content. In the web 2.0 / social media age the attention span of the user is constantly lowered. Therefore it makes more sense to offer smaller chunks of content that can be easily learned in a short time frame, so called learning sprints. Flashcards fit exactly in this new niche. CoboCards wants to offer its tool to companies which could make it part of their internal learning environment offering content to the employees to prepare them for tests and certifications. CoboCards plans to become the tool not only for creating but also for distributing this micro content.

The whole system is very open and flexible as the main idea really was to just bring the blanc index card on the internet and leave it up to the user to write on it what ever he/she wants to learn. For example mathematic formulas and graphs are rendered with a server side LaTeX software.

Being in the development for about three years now you can see that CoboCards is a really decent and thought-through product. As many great products the idea behind it is simple, it does not try to change the behaviour of its potential customers. On the contrary, it offers them value by creating new and better ways to learn with flascards.

Competitors for CoboCards are Smart.Fm, Flash My Brain and on the language learning market of course Livemocha, Busuu and Babbel.

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  • chinamike


    On their site, I didn't find any mention of spaced repetition, which is like bolting a supercharged engine onto flash cards.

    This is too bad. Is it available but not mentioned or is it just not yet a part of their offering.

    • KirstenWinkler

      As far as I am informed they are using the Leitner algorythm in the Pro version, you can see it at around 2:35 min in the video.

      What I know for sure from our first talk, as this was a question I asked, that they are working on it :).

  • tamimat

    Hey Chinamike,

    As Kirsten said: The spaced repetition is available in our Pro Version. Here is a comparison of our free Basic and our Pro Account:

    Further development of our spaced repetition algorithm will be based on our observations and on scientifical advisory.

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