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Caramel Shortcake Recipe from Kirsten Winkler

My Caramel Shortcake Recipe

This traditional Scottish sweetie is one oh so popular little cake and known under various names including caramel shortbread, caramel shortcake, millionaires’ shortbread and millionaires’ slice. I think the latter two are used because its so rich.

Caramel shortcake is one of my go-to recipes when I want to make a nice cake without a complicated recipe. And I have yet to meet the person who doesn’t love the combination of shortbread, caramel and chocolate!

It’s also one of the recipe that you can adjust to your own taste. Like more shortbread, thicker caramel, dark chocolate (like I used)? Just do it!

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Power Breakfast Apples Oats Cinnamon

Power Breakfast: Grated Apples with Oats and Cinnamon

To kickstart my day with a power breakfast or for that extra boost of energy during the day, I often prepare myself this nosh. It’s easy, super fast to make, really good for you and no cooking is involved.

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Zaalouk recipe

Zaalouk – Moroccan Eggplant Salad loaded with Flavor

Zaalouk is an eggplant and tomato salad from Morocco, easy to prepare and bursting with flavor. The two main ingredients are straightforward: Zaalouk is based on grilled eggplant and fresh, sun ripe tomatoes but you can also substitute them with canned tomatoes. Nevertheless, I think Zaalouk is best when both are in season as the taste will be determined by the quality of the ingredients.

Zaalouk is especially great during the summer as its refreshing taste goes superb alongside grilled meats, fish and veggies. Thanks to its spice blend, Zaalouk is loaded with flavor, and these flavors come through even more when prepared a bit in advance, and the salad stays fresh for up to a week in the fridge. So even if you only cook for yourself or two people, don’t be afraid to prepare a bigger portion of Zaalouk.

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Indian Carrot Salad Recipe

Slow Carb Recipes: Indian Carrot Salad

This is a great little salad as it is not only super tasty but also versatile as it can be served along a variety of other dishes. It’s easy to make, the hardest part is slicing the carrots.

This Indian carrot salad works great with all kinds of spicy dishes from, you guessed it, India but also from North Africa or even Asia. You can also put it on a sandwich or enjoy it on its own. On top of that, it will fit your slow carb diet!

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German Cake Recipes Streusel Cake

German Cake Recipes: Streusel Cake with your favorite fruit

Streusel cake is very popular in Germany throughout the year but especially in late summer and fall when all kinds of fruit are ripe. This is an easy yet delicious recipe for a German apple pie which doesn’t demand cooking or baking skills!

I layer my streusel cakes with with a variety of fruit, apples or plums for instance and I also like raspberries or even an apple-raspberry mix.

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Pesto Rosso Recipe

Startup Meal of the Week: Pesto Rosso

Pesto Rosso (red pesto) is a great recipe even though it might be the lesser known brother of Pesto Genovese (green pesto) named after the Italian city of Genoa. It’s easy, quick to prepare and no cooking is involved.

Originally prepared in a mortar and pestle, this is where the name of this Italian classic comes from. I think making pesto by crushing all ingredients using a pestle and mortar is a great cooking experience and you should do it at least once.

For convenience, however, I tend to use a food processor in this recipe which works fine as well. There are different variations of Pesto Rosso, some use fresh cherry tomatoes, some sun-dried tomatoes. It really depends on the region and also what people like most.

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Detox Drink

A tasty Detox Drink you can easily make at home in under 1 minute

This is my quick and easy recipe for a detox drink that I prepare for myself every morning, and it also tastes surprisingly good, too.

The ingredients are fairly basic, you will likely have them at home already. And if you don’t have them yet, you can easily buy them in every good supermarket.

The best is that it only takes 1 min to prepare, no blenders or other fancy kitchenware needed!

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Slow Carb Recipes Red Lentil Soup

Slow Carb Recipes: Indian Red Lentil Soup

Red or Masoor lentils are a great ingredient when you want to cook something for yourself but have little time. Their cooking time is much less than your average pulse, and they’re a staple in Indian cuisine for all sorts of Dal dishes. They can also be found in North African cuisine and are usually referred to as pink or coral lentils.

Important for slow carb cooking is that about 30% of green lentils’ calories are from protein, and they have the third highest level in protein, by weight, of any legume or nut. Lentils are only topped by soybeans and hemp. Red or pink lentils only contain about 11% of protein.
Nevertheless, lentils in general are an inexpensive source of protein and thus also ideal for vegetarians.

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slow carb recipes roasted butternut squash hummus

Slow Carb Recipes: Spicy Hummus with Roasted Butternut Squash

Hummus is a staple among vegetarians, I also eat it a lot when I want to go meat-free for a day only. As the main ingredient of hummus are chickpeas, it is also one of those great slow carb recipes when you’re on a slow carb diet.

This hummus recipe with roasted butternut squash is a nice, slightly spicier, alternative to the traditional recipe. I first heard about the combination of hummus and butternut squash from Gordon Ramsey in his series 100 recipes to stake your life on.

As now is pumpkin season and some of us might even have an abundance of tasty squashes, you should really give this tasty recipe a try. It definitely has the potential to become a staple of your diet plan. It is incredibly easy to make, no real cooking involved, and ready within minutes when you have all your ingredients ready!

Total Time

30 minutes



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german recipes kirsten's potato soup

German Recipes: Kirsten’s Potato Soup

There are probably as many German recipes for potato soups as there are people who cook them. One thing is for sure, the basis of each of them are potatoes.

My version is a very basic one, it only needs a couple of ingredients yet has a wonderful rich taste. Perfect for cold and rainy days in fall and winter. You can take this recipe as a basis for your own fancier version, adding other ingredients like bacon, cream, celery and whatever tickles your fancy.

Total Time

20 – 30 minutes preparation, 1.5h total



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German Cake Recipes Prune Plume Cake

German Cake Recipes: Swabian Prune Plum Cake

Here is another classic from my collection of German cake recipes. Swabian Plum Cake makes an ideal cake in fall, particularly if you have a plum tree in your garden or access to great plums from a farmers market. And if you don’t get them fresh, you can use canned plums in sirup.

In Germany, we especially like to make this recipe with prune plums.

Total Time

30 min preparation, 1.5 hours total



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Slow Carb Recipes Pea Soup with Green Pesto

Slow Carb Recipes: Creamy Pea Soup with Pesto Genovese (green pesto)

The days are getting colder and I think autumn is the ideal time of year for making and eating soup. You still get lots of fresh produce at the farmer’s market or you can combine fresh ingredients with frozen vegetables and legumes.

This creamy pea soup with pesto genovese (green pesto) is a variation of Nigella Lawson’s pea and pesto soup as featured in her Nigella Express series, and it really is express. I adjusted a few things in the original recipe to my taste but kept the ingredients very basic.

This soup is also a great addition to your slow carb recipes collection. It’s warm, comforting yet respects what you’re allowed to eat and will get you through the day.

Total time

15 min



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Bavarian Bread Soup Recipe

Frugal Cooking: Bavarian Bread Soup Recipe

Bavarian bread soup is one of my favorite hearty soups for the colder periods in the year, and it also reminds me of home and the German winter. However, the concept of bread soups is known in several different countries, and recipes range from a very simple way to make use of your stale bread to more sophisticated versions.

As for the history of the bread soup, it was once a popular dish in the periods of fasting. Originally, this soup consists of stale bread, water and fat only. My Bavarian bread soup recipe is a bit of a polished up version of the traditional basic recipe, but doesn’t require overly many ingredients either.

Total Time

10 min preparation, 30 min total



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Slow Carb Recipes Chicken Cacciatore

Slow Carb Recipes: Chicken Cacciatore – Hunter-Style Chicken

I love Italian cuisine, and I love braised meat.

In this rustic dish, these two loves come together and create magic! It’s also one of my favorite slow carb recipes. It’s easy to make and you don’t have to be a chef to put this tasty chicken cacciatore together.

To quickly explain the agreeable-sounding name of this dish: “cacciatore” means “hunter” in Italian. “Alla cacciatora” is a whole category of dishes prepared “hunter-style” which usually involves tomatoes, onion, herbs, often bell-pepper and wine. In the North of Italy they like to cook these dishes with white wine, whereas the South of Italy generally prefers red wine.

If you cook this slow carb recipe, I recommend to use red wine as this stays true to what we’re allowed to use/eat (although I have to say white wine gives this nice fresh citrus touch to the dish).

Total Time

15 min preparation, 60 min total



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slow carb recipes white beans chorizo

Slow Carb Recipes: White Beans with Chorizo

This is a quick and easy recipe inspired by Nigella Lawson. It only needs one pan, some minor preparation, is quickly cooked yet tickles your tastebuds with complex flavors. It’s also a great recipe for everyone who follows Tim Ferriss’ slow carb diet from his book the Four Hour Body.

Total time

15-20 min depending on your knife skills



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Walnut Cake Recipe

Walnut Cake Recipe with a Twist: Coffee Flavor

As fall approaches heavily in Brittany, here is a new Walnut Cake recipe for a cake ideal to eat on chilly Sunday afternoons.

To make this Walnut Coffee Cake you need:

walnut cake recipe ingredients

  • 275 gr of flour
  • 1 tbsp of backing powder or about half a package ~ 3 or 4 gr
  • 150 ml milk
  • 2 medium sized eggs
  • 100 gr melted butter
  • 2 tbsp espresso or any strong coffee
  • 50 gr ~teacup walnuts
  • 50 gr of sugar brown or white and some more for topping

Lubricate your cake pan with grease. In a separate bowl add flour, sugar and backing powder. Mix gently.

Make a second mixture of the eggs, milk, espresso and melted butter and add it to your mix of flour, sugar, baking powder.

In a last step carefully add the walnuts (I slightly pan fried these before in order to obtain a more intense taste) and mingle all ingredients thoroughly.

walnut cake recipe

The cake goes into the oven for about 50 min to 1h at 190°.
For the icing there are different options. You could simple put icing sugar on top, make a caramel from brown sugar or put “Streusel” on top.

To make Streusel, just have a look in the Plum Cake with cinnamon recipe.

Caramel is also easy to make. You simply put butter with some sugar in a pan and let it melt.

Be very careful with hands / arms when you pour the caramel on top of your cake as caramel gets EXTREMELY hot! The second tricky point is to not to let the caramel get too dark or even burnt.
It’ll leave a bad taste…

Enjoy this recipe and tell me about your favorite cake recipes or experiences with baking!

stewed lamb leg recipe

Comfy Food: Stewed Lamb Leg

stewed lamb leg celeryHere for once is a meat dish: stewed lamb leg with vegetables. Best is to take meat from the leg (duh), shoulder or joint. These are not the most expensive parts and by the relatively long stewing they become nice and tender yet stay juicy!

Also, this dish is budget friendly and if you have a kitchen garden with herbs and some vegetables it becomes even more affordable, especially when your celery is growing like mine this year.

Let’s get down to the preparation though. For the taste I wanted to focus on freshness and two main notes: garlic and rosemary (I used them both fresh but you can of course use them dried. In this case you want to reduce the amount of garlic as fresh garlic is less intense than dried one).

stewed lamb leg ingredientsBoth garlic and rosemary mingle nicely with lamb and potatoes. As other vegetable I used celery but you can take any other vegetable of the season or that you particularly like, always nice are carrots.

First I want to give the lamb pieces and the potato wedges a little bit of color, so I roast them for about 5 minutes in a frying pan with a little bit of vegetable and extra virgin olive oil (we have a higher temperature here and because of that you don’t only want olive oil as it does not stand high temperatures). At the end of this frying process you can add the garlic already but be careful that it does not get brown and therefore bitter. Season with salt and black pepper.

stewed lamb legNext step is to arrange the lamb, potatoes, celery, garlic and rosemary in a casserole. Add a good sip of extra virgin olive oil, a little water or broth so that nothing sticks to the casserole and everything into the oven at a relatively low temperature of 160°-180° for about 45 minutes or a little longer depending on how much meat you have and how thick your pieces are.

Optional: you could add a tomato (fresh or canned) to obtain another fruity note to the sauce.

When the lamb comes out of the oven it should be so tender that you almost did not have to cut it with a knife.

All in all, a budget friendly dish and easy dish. You can feed a lot of people with and it’s also good for the cook as you do not have to take care of it a lot as soon as it’s in the oven.

Enjoy cooking and bon appétit!

Pesto Genovese Recipe

Pesto Genovese – One of THE Italian Classics

Pesto Genovese RecipePasta with Pesto Genovese (green pesto) is both a speedy and healthy dish.

To make the Pesto Genovese you can either use a big pestle and mortar to make it really authentic but of course you can also use a food processor.

For about four servings you need:

  • one bunch of fresh Basil
  • 50g Parmesan
  • two small cloves of garlic
  • 100g of pine nuts
  • 200ml Olive Oil
  • pepper and salt to taste

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