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André Klein becomes a Writer for EDUKWEST

Time to officially introduce you to a new face on EDUKWEST. Fellow Berlin expat André Klein wrote his insightful inaugural post yesterday. And he’s everything but a newbie to online education.

André is among other the author of two books on social media and online teaching and own the popular teaching website “Learn Out Live”.

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The Mitosis is almost finished

For some time now I have been thinking about how to shape the image of both and EDUKWEST and as you learned I came to the conclusion that with, I want to return to what it had been in the first place: my personal blog where I put some thoughts out on the various fields I’m interested in.

This means that the news coverage and analysis part of moves over to EDUKWEST turning the blog from a solely video interview focused site to a vertical news site for education 2.0 with news articles, opinion pieces, video interviews and product tests.

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The Road Ahead – A Personal Update

As it’s the beginning of June and thus half the year went by already (as always I feel that January was just a short moment ago) but there is another six months to go before we’ll wrap-up 2011, I thought that today I’d give you some updates and reflections on my work and tell you about the progress of some of the projects.

In my own perception I felt, it would be relatively easy to get an overview on what I’m doing but thanks to the constant exchange with you guys in the comments on via email or also Skype I learned that there has sometimes been confusion and that is my job to give this whole thing a bit more of a structure, so that you’ll be able to follow the parts of my work you’re particularly interested in more easily.

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Take Aways from last week’s YouTube Partner Event in Paris

It took me a little moment to evaluate how to write this article dealing with the experiences and impressions I took away from the 1st French YouTube workshop dedicated to their partners.

I firmly believe that video content is becoming more powerful in 2011 than it was in 2010 and prior already and undoubtedly YouTube is the biggest and most important video platform and community out on the Internet. Any company in online education to my mind needed to be present with their own YouTube channel and even for individual educators it might add good value to their social media presence besides the other big players Facebook and Twitter.

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Big Think: Video Calls and Deaf People & Augmented Learning

Video Calls – Breakthrough in Communication for Deaf People

On Tuesday I wrote about how video calls as a breakthrough in communication for deaf people. There was an interesting article on the German magazine “Der Spiegel” about how the Internet in general changes the way people communicate today and it also included a lot of online learning examples. The one that caught my attention was the part where the magazine interviewed a deaf person and how the iPhone 4 with front facing camera and Facetime changed the way he communicates with others.

Augmented Learning

Yesterday I wrote about one of my favorite topics in technology, augmented reality. I believe there are great ways to use this technology in education and learning in general. Especially when you combine it with QR codes and Geo tagging. Seeing a complex concept or simply extended information on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet device instead of having to imagine it makes learning much more intuitive and brain friendly.

My Contribution to the Virtual Round Table Conference

This weekend it’s time for the 4th Virtual Round Table Conference. From Friday March 25th to Sunday March 27th Heike Philp and her team Shelly Terrell and Berni Wall will host the marathon event on Second Life and several Adobe Connect Rooms.

The price for coffee usually peaks at those times across the globe.

There are a ton of interesting sessions, workshops and presentations to attend and if you have the time and you’re a stayer, yours truly will also give a presentation on “Trends in education 2.0 for 2011” on Friday, March 25th at 5:30pm GMT.

I am going to talk about the major trends we can see at the moment, back them up with some data and give you reasons why the vertical might work or not. As I don’t want this to turn too much into a lecture, I am also planning a Q&A with the audience, so feel free to come and ask me anything. Hopefully, I’ll be able to give you an answer 😉

You can register for the presentation at the Virtual Round Table Conference portal and of course take a look at the other sessions.

Hope to see you on Friday!

Big Think: Future Tourists Travel with Personal Interpreters and Translating Shades

In my first article on Big Think, I wrote about the possibilities young language learners are offered by the community model a couple of start-ups are building their business on. Learning a language is a great experience in itself but most of us won’t be able to learn one or two other languages besides their native in their lifetime. Even with technology getting better and better and helping us to learn it effectively, it will still take a considerable amount of time, something you might not want to invest for a two week holiday in China, India or the Netherlands.

Generations had this funny feeling of incertitude when travelling to a country they did not speak the language of. That already changed because “everyone speak English” these days. For native English speakers this is of course a big advantage, for the rest of the world it became a commodity to learn it as second language. But still there are and will be places where this does not work. The solution to that might be in our pocket.

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Introducing Disrupt Education – My New Blog on Big Think

Today is a special day for me as a blogger. I published my first post on my brand new blog called “Disrupt Education” which is part of the Big Think family.

Needless to say that I feel truly honored to be part of this global platform, connecting people and ideas and that mine will be along those of great thinkers like Dr. Michio Kaku, Erik Klemetti or Dominic Basulto to mention just three of them.

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KWVlog 02-08-2011 Lessons Learned from Tutorspree

One of my resolutions for this year is to create more videos and therefore I decided to reboot my KWVlog today. The general plan is to talk once or twice a week about what I’ve learned from my EDUKWEST interviews, blog posts and other talks.

So lets start with a recap of my latest EDUKWEST interview with Aaron Harris, co-founder and CEO of Tutorspree.

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#followfriday 02-04-2011 @coreydeefitness

This week’s #followfriday goes to someone educational only at second glance. Corey Dee Williams is a fitness lifestyle coach, health and nutrition expert. Nevertheless, one of Corey’s personal goals is to educate people how to live a healthier life without all the usual fuss around those programs.

One of the beauties of social media is that you can potentially getting in contact with almost anyone in the world. As you should know by now, my interests are pretty widespread and I’m always keen on meeting with interesting new people.

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730 Days of Blogging – Thank You to my Readers

Today, this blog goes in its third year so thank you all for taking the time and read my news and occasional rants for now 730 days.

As one of my inspirations Gary Vaynerchuk says, content creators like us need to understand what great times we are living in and that there are actually people out there who take the time to read or watch or listen to what we are producing.

Therefore to all of you, thank you for taking your time reading this blog, leaving comments and discussing with me and the other readers.

As I say in the video, I believe that 2011 could be a turning point for online educators. As a result, you will find a good portion of new content made for and targeting edupreneurs in the coming weeks and months on this blog, so stay tuned.

In the meanwhile join our group “Edupreneurs Club” on Facebook!

How Stefan Wolpers, Asparagus from Peru and Facebook saved a Puppy

Like the story of Ted Williams, this one is not about education 2.0 but it is simply too good to not share it with you. It also contains some interesting trends in social media, so it is still somewhat related to this blog.

Anyway, it all started with a Facebook update of Stefan Wolpers who bought some Asparagus from Peru.

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My inspiration for 2011 – Ted Williams

This is not an online education related post and you might have heard about this amazing story already but I really want to fix this as my inspiration for 2011.

Until yesterday evening Mister Ted Williams was a homeless man in his 50s, blessed with a golden voice. A reporter from the Columbus Dispatch newspaper did a short video interview with him and then some other guy put the video on YouTube.

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Happy New Year! And… You are Fired!

Did I say that the last post about Myngle would be my last post? Well, resolutions, shmesolutions.

On New Year’s Eve at 4pm I received a “personal” email from Myngle, telling me that I was a bad, bad teacher and that therefore I am now moved to the waiting list. This also includes a ban from the Myngle Ning network as I just noticed and therefore most likely prevents me from gathering any information from inside “Myngleland”.

It looks like the parrot wanted to be sure that I can hold my promise this time.

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Lessons learned from the 2010 Edublog Awards

First of all thank you to everyone of you who took the time to write a blog post and nominate me and then all of you who took the time to vote. In case you missed it we, and that’s a we for shared effort, came in third place for Best Resource Sharing Blog and Second for Best Individual Blog.

But I would not be me if I did not analyze the results and share my thoughts with you, right? So, let me tell you what I have learned from this event.
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Two Edublog Award Nominations for

I am happy two announce that is nominated two times at this year’s Edublog Awards as Best Individual Blog and as Best Resource Sharing Blog.

Big thank you to all of you who took the time to nominate me on their blogs, now we need to win this thing ;).

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#followfriday 12-03-2010 @tofugu

Today’s #followfriday recommendation goes to Koichi Ko, in this case to his Tofugu account.

As I wrote last week, Koichi is filming an interactive travel show in Japan and I think this is yet again a brilliant idea from one of my favorite edupreneurs.

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#followfriday 11-26-2010 @OKL

Today’s first #followfriday recommendation goes to Olivia Khalili of Cause Capitalism.

Olivia is one of the thought leaders and an influencer in this young, interesting and important space of social good. On her blog you can learn a lot about implementing a cause in your company strategy and on her Twitter, Olivia shares interesting links from other people and organizations.

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Introducing reflect:ed – My new monthly Newsletter

Today I’d like to announce a new addition to my activities aiming at distinct readers of this blog.

On November 30th I will send out my first reflect:ed newsletter, made for startup founders and executives in education 2.0, investors interested in this growing market as well as independent educators who want to keep themselves up to date and receive in depth information and analysis on where our emerging field is evolving as a market.

The subscription to reflect:ed is priced at $4.99/month and you can simply pay via PayPal.

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Edublog Awards 2010 – My Nominations

The Oscars of online education are back in their 7th year! Until Friday, December 3rd you can nominate your favorites of 2010 for the Edublog Awards. What to do? Post your list on your blog or website, go to the Awards homepage and share the link of your list with the team at Edublogs. You can either nominate the whole list or take a selection.

I think the gals and guys at Edublogs and Classroom 2.0 are doing an awesome job with these awards and I think it is very important for our still young industry. Until today I get regular traffic and new readers from the Edublog Award website.

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