Busuu got smarter with the MyBusuu Study Guide

Busuu launched a new interesting feature for their premium subscribers last week, called the MyBusuu Study Guide. This feature is developed in partnership with the Salzburg Research Institute and lets students set their personal study goals and track the progress over time.

Also, the tests at the end of each section got a refresh and will now adapt the questions to the mistakes the learner had made during the sections.

I think, this is again a very clever move of the Busuu team. One of the biggest drawbacks in learning online, self paced or with a teacher, up to now is on the one hand the lack of standards and measuring the progress and on the other hand the needed adjustments of the curriculum to the individual learner’s progress.

Busuu’s new system is covering most of those issues plus it provides the learner with a certification at the end of each section. This should not only a motivator for the student to finish the lesson but could also be useful for the professional life. Standards are set by the number of people who use such a certificate on the one hand and the employers or colleges and universities that accept those certificates as proof. If there are enough people adding Busuu certificates to their CV it could become an accepted standard. At least it does not hurt you to have one.

Therefore, building this system with a respected institution like Salzburg Research can be only beneficial for everyone involved as it adds credibility to the score.

With MyBusuu you can:

  • set your own study goal for each language and level
  • decide on your learning intensity and see immediately on which date you should achieve your learning goal
  • communicate your study goal to your friends on facebook and twitter
  • see in your language area whether you are on track with your pre-set goal
  • follow your progress as a percentage of your personal goal
  • check out the number of vocabularies you have already successfully studied
  • receive a detailed, individual report on your study progress every two weeks

Another interesting aspect is the sharing feature that allows students to share their personal goals with their social graph on Twitter and Facebook. According to the press release this will help students to reach their goals as the sharing of the personal learning goal with their friends will motivate them to reach that goal in the end. Of course (and I reckon foremost?), this is also a great mean for Busuu to grow viral in those personal networks.

As I wrote in the last reflect:ed newsletter, analytics and metrics are one of the big trends in 2011 for education 2.0. With the implementation of the MyBusuu Study Guide the platform became instantly much more valuable for the learner.

I predict that the next big implementation has to be a live teaching component aside of the community interaction. I think, we can all see what this will mean for teaching platforms and marketplaces.

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