Blackberries on the iPhone – Busuu launches its Mobile Applications

Busuu is now the second language learning community to have its own iPhone applications that connect seamlessly with your online learning profile on the platform.

And if you watched my interview with Michael Schutzler of Livemocha the other day, you know that it will only take a little more time until this Seattle based community will launch their own.

Rosetta Stone, of course, also offers mobile learning applications in their new TOTALe product called Mobile Companion as well as my favorite startup in the m-learning space MindSnacks or hello-hello with their iPad applications. Therefore, I think we can state that mobile language learning finally took its place.

Back to Busuu though and collecting berries on the iPhone. I had the chance to play around with it prior to the official launch already and I have to say that the development team did a great job in transferring the unique Busuu feeling to the mobile device. In fact, I think I even like the mobile version better than the actual website. The app is really fast, runs smoothly and the experience of touching the vocabulary or dragging right answers with your finger is truly more engaging.

Busuu released seven apps, hence for all languages the platform is currently offering. Like the site itself the apps are part of the freemium model. In the free version you get access to four levels (A1, A2, B1 and B2) in which you can then try out the first 5 courses. That’s a fair offer as there is a decent amount of material to test for someone who cannot decide immediately if the app is something for him/her.

A complete learning level (A1, A2, B1, B2) is priced at €2,99 and contains 35 courses each (if I counted correctly) or €12,00 for all four learning levels. All in all Busuu offers more than 3000 words and phrases, grammar units, 150 dialogues and “hundreds of interactive exercises” per app.

Comparing the offer to Babbel’s test version, you will get much more to try out from Busuu. If this has a positive or negative effect on the sales, I am not sure. I can see advantages in both approaches and I think it depends on the customer group.

I will also do a more detailed review of advantages and downsides of the app on my app:ed series these coming days.

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