Big Think: Future Tourists Travel with Personal Interpreters and Translating Shades

In my first article on Big Think, I wrote about the possibilities young language learners are offered by the community model a couple of start-ups are building their business on. Learning a language is a great experience in itself but most of us won’t be able to learn one or two other languages besides their native in their lifetime. Even with technology getting better and better and helping us to learn it effectively, it will still take a considerable amount of time, something you might not want to invest for a two week holiday in China, India or the Netherlands.

Generations had this funny feeling of incertitude when travelling to a country they did not speak the language of. That already changed because “everyone speak English” these days. For native English speakers this is of course a big advantage, for the rest of the world it became a commodity to learn it as second language. But still there are and will be places where this does not work. The solution to that might be in our pocket.

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