Become the New eduIdol

One of the core assets that Camelback Education got with the acqusition of eduFire is its community, or as they put it in their recent message “you are the heart and soul of eduFire”.

There has always been a strong bond between the platform and its users, something Jon Bischke and the eduFire team are very proud of, and rightfully so. Therefore, it is really great to see that after a period of uncertainty the old spirit is still alive.

The newest community gathering is hosted by Wren who is a Japanese and Career Development teacher and is called “eduIdol”.

As title and logo already suggest it is a contest to find the next eduIdol on eduFire.

Prepare a 5 minute sales pitch/presentation/demo of this new, free, and original class you are planning to have, present it on the eduIdol class, and our class participants and eduFire ambassador-judges will vote on the winner AmericanIdol style!

The price is an eduFire Tshirt and of course free promotion for your winning class concept that should be given about two weeks after the contest.

Contestants should be “new” to the eduFire platform, e.g. subscribed for not longer than a year. Everyone who registers for the class will be able to vote on the winner.

Therefore, if you are a teacher who has not used eduFire as a platform yet go ahead and register for this nice event. I think it is always good to get feedback from other teachers or students even if they are not in your “customer group” as they are usually more open with their criticism. And presenting a class concept in 5 minutes will also train you for “sales pitches” to future students, of course. Practice makes perfect.

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