Apple iPad event October 22nd 2013

How Apple is going to rip off Microsoft on October 22nd

Art was one of my favorite subjects in school, especially the part where we had to interpret masterpieces and what the artist wanted to tell us through his/her art. Though I won’t call Apple invites artistic masterpieces, I have to admit that it’s quite some fun to decode their message prior to an event.

The latest invite is for the upcoming Apple iPad event on October 22nd. As far as I can tell this is going to be a shot aimed directly at Microsoft.

First of all, the message says

We still have a lot to cover.

As you might remember last time the message indicated the new colorful iPhone 5C with

This should brighten everyone’s day.

On top of that the bubbles showed the new fingerprint sensor which replaced the old home button.

But back to October 22nd. We still have a lot to cover could mean that the last event was just the beginning of product launch season and that we will indeed see new iPads and iPad Minis. But I go a step further and say that there will be new covers, keyboard covers to be precise.

Microsoft’s storyline with the Surface products is that iPad users can’t be as productive with their tablets because you cannot type on them. And though there are third party keyboards all of them are not that great, at least not what you would expect from Apple itself.

As the iPad is a very powerful tablet and Apple has made its production suite available for free with the launch of iOS 7 it would make sense to now offer an Apple made type cover which would also destroy Microsoft’s unique selling proposition immediately.

Secondly, the covers will come in a lot of fancy new colors, again similar to what we have seen with the Surface 2.

Covers are all the rage in the tablet space at the moment. Even the latest Amazon Kindle got a new, innovative cover which serves as a kickstand for better viewing angles.

So, that’s my prediction for this event, it’s going to be all about a new cover for the iPad line plus all the other rumors you’ve heard about the latest edition of the iPad and iPad Mini.

Picture via The Verge