André Klein becomes a Writer for EDUKWEST

Time to officially introduce you to a new face on EDUKWEST. Fellow Berlin expat André Klein wrote his insightful inaugural post yesterday. And he’s everything but a newbie to online education.

André is among other the author of two books on social media and online teaching and own the popular teaching website “Learn Out Live”.

Since he has moved to Israel he gets increasingly immersed in its ecosphere  and thus unsurprisingly his first article for EDUKWEST “Education 2.0 in the Land of Milk and Honey” deals with the fascinating story of Israel being on the forefront of high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship but almost completely missing on the opportunities in education when it comes to targeting native Hebrew speakers.

Is he making a point or do you see the story form a different angle?

I assume, André and team have something in the making to tackle this discrepancy and I’m curious what he is going to come up with in the next months.

For EDUKWEST we can surely expect to hear more about this little country somewhat including European, oriental and of course US centered aspects in society and lifestyle rising troubling as well as fascinating questions.

He’s also a big supporter of social media when it come to online teaching and I look forward to hear more on that side as well.

I think, each of us contributes to the diversity of topics on EDUKWEST and invite you to have a look what we write over there.

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  • ChinaMike

    It will be great to hear more from Andre in the coming months!