Academic Earth: Thousands of video lectures from the world’s top scholars

This is amazing. Just read about in the weekly review of Jane Hart. This website offers thousands of video lectures from Universities like Berkeley, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, … for free!
Their mission is simple:

Academic Earth is an organization founded with the goal of giving everyone on earth access to a world class education.

Last week I read an article in the NYT. It was about an israelian entrepreneur who wants to found the first free global university that will only exist in the internet.

“The idea is to take social networking and apply it to academia,” said the entrepreneur, Shai Reshef, founder of several Internet-based educational businesses.

The name of this project is “University of the People” and you can already visit the website at

According to Mr Reshef the university will have online study communities, weekly discussion topics, homework assignments and exams like every other online university. The big difference will lie in the tuition fees which are estimated at $15 – $50 / $10 – $100 depending if the student comes from a poorer or richer country.

But this is still a project a beautiful one though. So let’s have a look at

This site is still in beta but it already offers thousands of free video lectures from some of the world’s top scholars!

As more and more high quality educational content becomes available online for free, we ask ourselves, what are the real barriers to achieving a world class education?  At Academic Earth, we are working to identify these barriers and find innovative ways to use technology to increase the ease of learning.

We are building a user-friendly educational ecosystem that will give internet users around the world the ability to easily find, interact with, and learn from full video courses and lectures from the world’s leading scholars.  Our goal is to bring the best content together in one place and create an environment that in which that content is remarkably easy to use and in which user contributions make existing content increasingly valuable.

The current list of Universities that offer content at the moment:

  • Berkeley
  • Harvard
  • MIT
  • Princeton
  • Stanford
  • Yale

You can find lectures of topics like:

  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • History
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine

I am truely amazed how the internet changes the way and the possibilities we learn. Offering first class education to basically everybody with an internet connection might be one of the greatest achievements of our generation.

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  • China_Mike


    Your links, highlighted in blue, are a little bit difficult to pick out of the blue background. :)

  • KirstenWinkler

    Hey Mike,
    I think the background of the blog is not correctly loading on your computer, because normally, the bg is perly white :)

  • China_Mike

    Well, I had a long talk with my computer but she complains it isn’t her fault. She blames Firefox. I guess I will just have to deal with the problem.

    Oh my gosh, while I was writing this the blue background (Myngle blue) suddenly turned white. Much better. Maybe the talk I had with my computer helped after all.

  • Samuel Wan

    Academic Earth looks very similar to That’s an aggregation website for many of the same online lectures. Someone told me about Lecture Fox, and I ended up spending a couple of months seriously studying Brian Harvey’s class on “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs”, maybe 80 hours total to listen to the lectures and do the exercises. I just wish there was a teaching assistant I could sometimes ask for help on the exercises! (9th link from the top)

    My wife and I also enjoyed the lecture on Economic Pricing Analysis at CalTech, and several lectures on the Intro to Psych at Harvard.

  • KirstenWinkler

    Yeah, it gets quite addictive when you start with it. Makes me want to go back to university again.

    I love the lectures about history and entrepreneurship. Good stuff!

  • jcoromina

    I want to have acces to these king of lectures, about several ,subjects

  • vickidhiman is one of my favorite websites. I love the simplicity, neatness and mission. Is this a non-profit organization? Is all education headed that way?