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reflect:ed 2 December 2010 – Analytics and Metrics in Education

To let the year wind down I would like to say a couple of words in order to thank you, my readers and subscribers, for your support and encouragement throughout 2010.

This year has been a big step in my personal career as I was able to realize some personal goals and new projects like the reflect:ed newsletter, I did more consulting on educational projects as well as going on with my altruistic Deutsch Happen project on Youtube and taking the blog and the EDUKWEST interviews to a new level.

I’m grateful to have met many new inspiring people and was fortunate enough to collaborate with some you.

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My Pursuit of an Efficient and Effective Method of Learning a Foreign Language

Although my background is in science and I have 11 patents to my name, my real passion has always been foreign languages. I had two jobs in Russia: I worked as a Head of a Research Laboratory developing new materials for the automobile industry and I worked as a simultaneous interpreter on international seminars and congresses held in the former Soviet Union.

The work as simultaneous interpreter was demanding but exciting: the golden rule was that you were not allowed to remain silent while the presenter was speaking. That proved rather tricky when the communication system failed and you could not hear what he was saying!!!

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Building a Bottom Up Online Education Marketplace with TinyPay.Me

TinyPay.Me is one of the smartest ideas in e-commerce I have seen in 2010. The service is super easy to use, set up in less than a minute and enables you to sell basically anything you want, receiving payments via PayPal.

At LeWeb in Paris the team launched the latest version of the service which includes the option to set up a marketplace. And here things are getting very interesting.

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35% Commission – Is enough finally enough?

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. Why are you always doing this to me? Honestly, I was perfectly OK to not write yet another flame and rant post about you but maybe, just maybe this will be the final one.

In an email to all teachers of the platform Marina Tognetti, founder and CEO of Myngle announced the new commission model that will be launched January 1st 2011. It will be topping at a whooping 35%, yes thirty five that is.

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Lessons learned from the 2010 Edublog Awards

First of all thank you to everyone of you who took the time to write a blog post and nominate me and then all of you who took the time to vote. In case you missed it we, and that’s a we for shared effort, came in third place for Best Resource Sharing Blog and Second for Best Individual Blog.

But I would not be me if I did not analyze the results and share my thoughts with you, right? So, let me tell you what I have learned from this event.
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Add TeachStreet Classes to Amazon Wish Lists

This is one of those ideas that are brilliant because of their simplicity. Sure, it might help that Dave Schappell used to be working at Amazon and therefore still having a close eye on the company.

I think, when he learned about the Universal Wish List feature it immediately made click.

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Skype moves to the Cloud and into Social Networks

Back in May Josh Silverman, who was the CEO at that time, said in an interview that “Skype wants to become the fabric of real time communications on the Web.” and today it looks like as if 2011 could become the year when the company is actually getting a major step closer to this plan.

According to some job postings and rumors on TechCrunch (oh those rumors) Skype is beefing up massively its team with around 350 people, mostly developers, with the aim of building a team of cloud and web technology engineers.

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Two Edublog Award Nominations for

I am happy two announce that is nominated two times at this year’s Edublog Awards as Best Individual Blog and as Best Resource Sharing Blog.

Big thank you to all of you who took the time to nominate me on their blogs, now we need to win this thing ;).

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R:ED November 28th to December 4th

  1. Skype Video Chat Coming to Facebook?
  2. MyYearbook Introduces Realtime Social Gaming With Video Chat
  3. If Causes Had Its Own Social Network It Would Be Jumo
  4. BarMax’s Efficient Path To $200K In Sales: A $999.99 iPhone App; iPad Version Coming
  5. LinkedIn Thinks Publishers Need Yet Another “Share This” Button
  6. Facebook E-Commerce Platform Payvment Raises $6 Million
  7. ProFounder Launches To Help Small Businesses Crowdsource Fundraising
  8. Inside Qwiki’s Plan to Revolutionize Search [VIDEO]
  9. Sign of the Times: Toy Blocks That Teach Toddlers Social Networking
  10. 5 Innovative Classroom Management Tools for Teachers
  11. Record and Upload Music and Musings Instantly With SoundCloud Update
  12. Inside Kevin Smith’s Booming Podcast Business
  13. ROAM Brings Credit Card Reading to BlackBerrys, Outclasses Square Instantly
  14. Mingleverse Raises $1.4 Million For Online Voice And Video Chat Platform
  15. Fuze Meeting Debuts Multi-Party Video Conferencing Technology With Presence
  16. Viber For iPhone Aims To Rival Skype’s App, Is Amazingly Amazing
  17. Social Networking: The Past
  18. Tinychat’s Video Chat App Is Blowing Up On Facebook
  19. A social network built for schools
  20. YouTube’s Community Police Blow Up Another Innocent Victim
  21. Skype Staffing Up For A Big Push To The Cloud

The new Culture of Paying

Today, thanks to my reflect:ed subscribers, we made it back to the front page of – the service that I am using to send this newsletter out.

The interesting thing is that reflect:ed is the only subscription based newsletter amongst the 15 “hot” newsletters which shows two things. One is that I am apparently cutting edge and two that a paid newsletter can be as successful as a free one.

So let’s talk a bit about the new culture of paying on the internet.

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#followfriday 12-03-2010 @tofugu

Today’s #followfriday recommendation goes to Koichi Ko, in this case to his Tofugu account.

As I wrote last week, Koichi is filming an interactive travel show in Japan and I think this is yet again a brilliant idea from one of my favorite edupreneurs.

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Mingleverse raises $1.4 million for Marketing and Mobile

Mingleverse, the Canadian startup that is a mix of VoIP chat and Second Life raised another $1.4 million to expand their marketing efforts and integration into social networks and mobile devices.

I first wrote about Mingleverse in November 2009 and titled the post “Mingleverse – The Missing Link?”. So let’s see what has happened in the past twelve months.

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reflect:ed #1 – Facebook and Education 2.0

Yesterday, I sent out the first edition of my new monthly newsletter reflect:ed to my subscribers and I want to take the time to say thank you to all of you for the support!

If you did not subscribe yet and therefore missed this one, don’t worry, I also offer an individual download of every edition.

Below you will find a little teaser of the current newsletter on Facebook and Education 2.0 and the link to purchase and download reflect:ed #1 of November 2010.

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