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R:ED November 21st to November 27th

  1. Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction
  2. Rupert Murdoch creates ‘iNewspaper’ – with the help of Steve Jobs
  3. Facebook Vies To Become Your Homepage – And Why That’s A Big Deal
  4. 8 Ways Technology Is Improving Education
  5. Launches A Directory Of 12,500 Academic Journals
  6. Tim Berners-Lee: Facebook could fragment web
  7. How Online Classrooms Are Helping Haiti Rebuild Its Education System

TofuguTV – Travel Japan with Koichi

As most of you know, I have been a big fan of Koichi Ko since I first met him back in late ’08, early ’09 on eduFire. To me he is one of the most inspiring edupreneurs I know and from watching him and his projects evolve I have learned a ton over the last two years.

His textbook Textfugu for self learners of Japanese is a hit, so is his blog and videos but now Koichi is taking it to the next level with TofuguTV – a travel show.

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#followfriday 11-26-2010 @OKL

Today’s first #followfriday recommendation goes to Olivia Khalili of Cause Capitalism.

Olivia is one of the thought leaders and an influencer in this young, interesting and important space of social good. On her blog you can learn a lot about implementing a cause in your company strategy and on her Twitter, Olivia shares interesting links from other people and organizations.

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KWestions for Olivia Khalili of Cause Capitalism – Social Good, Hype or Mission?

This time I had questions for Olivia Khalili, Founder of Cause Capitalism or more widely known as Social Good became more and more popular in the past years and today it seems like every second company I come across has a social mission embedded in its strategy.

As Olivia is one of the thought leaders in the social good space and as she is consulting companies on social good I asked her some KWestions.

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Excerpt EDUKWEST #45 with Andreas Schroeter of

This is a small snippet of my latest EDUKWEST interview with Andreas Schroeter, one of the co-founders of in a German startup based in Hamburg. The product is built around an online dictionary but it offers a ton of additional features like flashcards, games, a community, embeddable widgets for blogs or websites and various iPhone applications.

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R:ED November 14th to November 20th

  1. The Phone Call Is Dead
  2. ConnectEDU Lands $7 Million For Online College And Career Planning Platform
  3. Can Twitter Make You Smarter?
  4. Pony Up: Wikipedia Needs $16 Million to Stay Ad-Free
  5. Yahoo Wants to Hire 400k People for AOL Seed-Like “Contributor Network”
  6. PayNearMe Rings Up $16M From Khosla And Others For Cash Payments Product
  7. The virtual classroom comes of age
  8. Now Over 200 Million Users A Month, Disqus Gets A New Look, Premium Add-Ons, New API
  9. Twitter’s Official Analytics Product Has Arrived
  10. PayPal Wants to Turn Your Remote Control into a Digital Wallet
  11. Anonymously Chat With Other College Students On HowRandom
  12. The Future Of Paywalls: Microtransactions, Buy-Ins, And Content Wars
  13. Infographic: What Were Social Networks Like, for Great Minds Like Newton and Voltaire?
  14. Change Generation: Eric Glustrom, Executive Director, Educate!
  15. More Professors Give Out Hand-Held Devices to Monitor Students and Engage Them

Update from Team YongoPal

Yesterday Darien Brown sent out a short message to keep us updated on the current state of affairs at YongoPal.

If you dig this startup like I do, I also suggest you to follow Darien on Twitter as he might publish some (un)official news from time to time ;).

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Introducing reflect:ed – My new monthly Newsletter

Today I’d like to announce a new addition to my activities aiming at distinct readers of this blog.

On November 30th I will send out my first reflect:ed newsletter, made for startup founders and executives in education 2.0, investors interested in this growing market as well as independent educators who want to keep themselves up to date and receive in depth information and analysis on where our emerging field is evolving as a market.

The subscription to reflect:ed is priced at $4.99/month and you can simply pay via PayPal.

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Edublog Awards 2010 – My Nominations

The Oscars of online education are back in their 7th year! Until Friday, December 3rd you can nominate your favorites of 2010 for the Edublog Awards. What to do? Post your list on your blog or website, go to the Awards homepage and share the link of your list with the team at Edublogs. You can either nominate the whole list or take a selection.

I think the gals and guys at Edublogs and Classroom 2.0 are doing an awesome job with these awards and I think it is very important for our still young industry. Until today I get regular traffic and new readers from the Edublog Award website.

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Edupunk at Startup Weekend Indianapolis Day 3

Here are the videos of the final day at the Startup Weekend Indianapolis by our field correspondent George Machlan. I think he really did an awesome job and is a very talented interviewer.

Personally, I had a lot of fun watching his clips, they made me smile but he also asked very good questions and got out some really interesting insides, capturing the spirit of these 54 hours.

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The Europas – Edu Finalists are out

Mike Butcher just published the list of finalists for the Europas on November 19th in swinging London. As you know, education has its own category but there are also placements in other categories.

So here is the list of edu startups for this year’s Europas.

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Host your own Show (Classes) on Facebook with Livestream

Last week was a really busy one and I still have to catch up with some interesting news. For example this one: Livestream, one of the three big live video platforms announced that they teamed up with Facebook to offer live streaming to Facebook pages for everyone. For free.

Livestream and Facebook have already worked together for a couple of months with the Facebook Live channel where Facebook streams small shows about, you guessed it, Facebook.

Opening the system to everyone is another big step for Facebook trying to become the one stop location for people on the internet.

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KWestions for Andrew Warner of Mixergy – Does Funding kill Innovation?

The good old KWestions format is back with a reboot. I have been thinking for a while what would be the difference between my EDUKWEST interviews and KWestions. I finally decided to do exactly what the name of the show says and ask my questions.

This will result in a more open format where I’m going to ask KWestions to people of various backgrounds about things that simply interest me and I would like to learn more about. I hope you will enjoy this relaunch.

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Edupunk at Startup Weekend Indianapolis Day 2

Our field reporter George Machlan of Edupunk uploaded a bunch of pretty interesting videos from day 2 of the Startup Weekend in Indianapolis. I am really looking forward to the final presentations and I have to say that I am quite impressed with some of the product ideas.

Also, George is doing an awesome job as interviewer. I think, I am going to contract him for an own show on the KWTV network.

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R:ED November 7th to November 13th

  1. Google Voice and FaceTime – Why the Carriers Are Losing Their Voice
  2. Kno Tablet Will Start At $599 For Single-Screen, $899 For Dual-Screen
  3. Color Coming to E-Ink Devices in 2011
  4. Square Now Processing Millions Of Dollars In Mobile Transactions Every Week
  5. NTT-IP Invests $1 Million In New Partner EnglishCentral
  6. Livestream For Facebook Lets You DIY Live Stream Video On Fan Pages
  7. Fuze Meeting Bets On Android Tablets For Web Conferencing Software
  8. Learning in Dorm, Because Class Is on the Web
  9. DealQuad Takes Groupon’s Model To School
  10. Jolibook, the Netbook for Web Fiends, Is Coming This Month
  11. Rethink Books Gives Us A Glimpse At Social Books (Video Demo)

Edupunk at Startup Weekend Indianapolis Day 1

The future Internet TV mogul and founder of the Edupunk Channel George Machlan is reporting for EDUKWEST from the Startup Weekend in Indianapolis.

Actually, I suggested him to go there to mix and mingle with the local startup scene and build some connections with developers and other interesting guys in order to get input for the Edupunk Channel that launched in pre-beta last week on WiZiQ.

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Old Spice meets Education: Ask Sir Ken Robinson on Twitter #askSKR

One of the best viral marketing campaigns of this year, if not of the decade, was the Old Spice man answering your Twitter questions via a YouTube video. As always when something is so vastly successful a ton of others try to copy this meme and most likely fail because it is simply not as good as the original.

But what if you take the idea and spice it up with some TED talk nobility? Apparently you get something awesome.

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You can now charge for Courses on Udemy and more

Gagan Biyani, Co-Founder of Udemy sent out a message to all instructors on the platform to announce some news a lot have probably waited for. From now on instructors can charge for their courses on Udemy.

Other new features include setting up invite only / private courses and promotion tools. As an interesting side note: Udemy now has nearly 15.000 members and quadrupled its traffic in the past four months.

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TelCos teaming up with Education Startups in Asia. Model for the Rest of the World?

A couple days ago I read on TechCrunch that the Japanese NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) invested $1 million in the ESL startup EnglishCentral.

Back in February Nokia (not really a TelCo, I know) and Pearson signed a partnership that would preload ESL learning content from Mobiledu on all new Nokia mobile phones on the Chinese market turning each phone into a mobile learning device.

And last but not least NTT also acquired a 29.7% stake in goFluent back in January. I will interview Christophe Ferrandou, Founder and CEO of goFluent, on EDUKWEST tomorrow. The company offers business English courses via telephone and internet to customers worldwide and is the European leader in this sector.

Continue reading – Helping the Teachers / Tutors

In this post about the / project I am going to focus on the second group on the online education market, the teachers, what specific problems they face today and how is going to solve those.

This is equally true for teachers / tutors who choose to work on a marketplace or platform as well as for edupreneurs.

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