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Myngle is bigger than Apple and Facebook – according to Shop Commission

That is if you take into account that both Apple and Facebook are taking “only” a 30% cut for products sold on their platforms and Myngle is taking 40% for content sold by teachers on the Myngle Shop.

Normal reactions on taking 30% are moaning that it is quite a hefty chunk but saying on the other hand “Hey, it’s Apple and Facebook. They have a huge market share and offer me access to a huge potential client base so I will bite the bullet.”

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YouTube + Google Moderator = Interactive Video Education Platform

Second great news for educators coming from Google today. YouTube is starting to integrate the Google Moderator tool into the platform which will be a huge thing for educators.

It will enable your viewers to ask questions which can then be voted up and down by other viewers of your channel. This way you can really see what your audience is interested in. Continue reading

Google CloudCourse – a Matrix for new Online Education Startups?

I got this interesting information via Stefan Wolpers, Founder of the Twittwoch – a meeting for entrepreneurs to learn about social media from / with each other – on Twitter.

If you are interested in social media, tech and entrepreneurship I highly recommend following Stefan’s tweets as they are always relevant.

But now back to Google CloudCourse.

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Content is King and always will be. The Web is just Distribution.

This is a quote from Lauren Feldman an artist who is famous for his videos with puppets of tech and web 2.0 celebrities like Steve Balmer, Loic Lemur and Michael Arrington.

Lauren recently decided to switch his blog and hence most of his content to a subscription model charging his subscribers $5 USD (a fancy coffee) per month. So basically you can say that Lauren pulled the Murdoch and apparently after some long discussions with people who cannot afford this price people start to sign up.

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Virtual Classroom vs Skype / VoIP only – Round #3

3) Professionalism Using Skype seems to mix business with personal use, hence using a virtual classroom lifts the professional image.

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review:ed Episode #3.6 – What is Emagister?

At the end of this review:ed episode I asked Chris about his new / old job at as I did not cover this company yet.

The numbers are really impressive, 10 years in business, over three million users in Spain and over two thousand community moderators.

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review:ed Episode #3.5 – Do Ads interfere with Education?

Last topic on the list for this episode of review:ed was about VoIP. Skype launched a new 5 way video calling feature in beta which will later on become a paid premium feature. The other news about Skype is that the company is considering to display ads in its free service.

Second news item is the acquisition of GIPS by Google which leads to the rumor that Google is actually planning to launch a Skype competitor based on Google Talk, soon. But as Google’s products are all somehow based on ad revenue this service might display ads during calls, too.

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review:ed Episode #3.4 – How important is (live) video in online education?

We started this part with the recent fundings of the “This Week in” network of Jason Calacanis which secured $300k from Calacanis himself plus Matt Coffin and Sky Dayton. The video platform secured $10.1 million.

This lead us to the question of the importance of (live) video content in general and of course in online education in specific.

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review:ed Episode #3.3 – Facebook Privacy Issues Continued – Do we need to educate people on Privacy?

Facebook and the privacy. Sometimes I think you cannot keep up with all the “glitches” the social network number one (for the moment) has. After the recording of this episode the next one was revealed by the WSJ: Facebook sells your private data to advertisers like Doubleclick or Yahoo.

Hardly surprising if you ask me.

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Pacman or why Google rules the Internet – and Apple never will

Today Google had another surprise for its users. When you open the page you will see the Google logo in form of the good old Pacman game, celebrating its 30th birthday.

But that’s not all, it is not only a Doodle which Google has for various events, it’s the Pacman game and you can play it. If you click insert coin you can even play it with two people.

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review:ed Episode #3.2 – Is Udemy a Copy Cat of Sclipo and WiZiQ? What defines a Copy Cat?

Following our talk about the Groupon CityDeal deal and its possible impact on the European start up scene we went on talking about Udemy which is one of the hottest online education start ups right now.

Udemy has been largely covered on the two leading tech blogs TechCrunch and Mashable and many other blogs, including me here on and EDUKWEST.

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review:ed Episode #3.1 with Christopher Grant – Groupon CityDeal Deal Bad for European Start Ups?

First part of my review:ed talk with Christopher Grant, Senior Product Leader at You might know Chris from his EDUKWEST interview with me when he was still at Sclipo and of course from his presentation at the ETCon last year.

For your convenience I decided to publish the talk in six parts, so you can watch those that interest you the most or all in little chucks, depending on your time.

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You can now follow Teachers – on WiZiQ

WiZiQ just rolled out a new feature. Students can now follow teachers on the platform to keep themselves updated on their activities.

The new feature also aims on getting more leads or, in other words, more paying students for the teachers.

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Virtual Classroom vs Skype / VoIP only – Round #2

2) More control
For better or for worse, in a virtual classroom the teacher has more control over what students look at and sees how they interact with their peers, the chat and with the learning material.
(Stephen Jones)

You can argue about this point from an academic and a for profit view, as you can basically for most points on the list. I will argue from the second point, of course.

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Virtual Classroom vs Skype / VoIP only – Round #1

Almost 10 months ago I hosted the first E-Teachers Conference and in case you are wondering what happened to it, I am working on the launch of the new and revised version ;).

Anyway, the topic of the event was “Lesson Slides and Virtual Classrooms – do we really need them?”. I would love to share the recording with you but due to some “hick ups” that led to the total crash and burn of the meeting there is none available. Also the second part of the evening that was backed up by eduFire did not record the event properly.

Two take aways from this evening: I am known as Skype fan girl and Heike Philp’s legendary 20 reasons why to prefer a virtual classroom to Skype only in language teaching. This blog post has recently been republished by Stefan Booy on the Myngle blog. I was thinking of writing a quick response to this but the more I thought about it the more it became clear that it can’t be done in just one post.

Hence I decided to give my two cents on every single point in a series of, yes, you guessed it, twenty blog posts starting today with reason number one:

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Skype – 5 Way Video Calling and Ads

About two days ago the Telegraph made an interesting interview with Josh Silverman, the CEO of Skype in which he revealed that the company is “seriously considering” serving ads on the service.

In this interview Josh Silverman also imagines the service as being “the fabric of real-time communication on the web” in ten years. As this is basically the case for language teaching on the web right now I think it is worth to have some thoughts on the possible impacts of this decision.

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YouTube lets you unlist your Videos

This is a very interesting new feature coming from YouTube. It’s basically just a little change in the privacy settings. Before that you had the choice between sharing your video with the world or with up to 25 people of your choice. So, basically the choice between on and off.

With the new option you can share your video with as many people as you like but choose to not publicly display it on YouTube. I think this could be quite interesting for edupreneurs.

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Hello-Hello launches free German and Italian Courses

Sarah Gontijo, Founder and CEO of Hello-Hello was so kind to provide me with some background information on her language learning community and the recent launch of two new courses for learners of German and Italian.

Hence I think it’s about time to have a first look on the site.

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Livemocha launches Affiliate Program

As the online learning space 2.0 is going in its third year and hence more stable and predictable Livemocha set up an affiliate program and share 20% of each package sale and even 40% for each subscription.

This could be an interesting opportunity for bloggers in the language learning space to make some extra money.

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LinguaTV relaunches with new Layout and Features

LinguaTV is a German start up that offers professionally produced language learning videos, as the tagline says “we watch languages”.

I think this is a very interesting approach and the company already won a bunch of awards for its innovative platform. After the relaunch the product is even more streamlined so it’s about time to have a first look on LinguaTV.

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