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Three Services that make College Life easier

In this post I will take a look at three services that aim to make the life of college students easier.

As students today are more and more connected and used to take decision on their own with the desire to have control over the process there are some interesting services that are targeting this more independent generation of college students.

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First Look at – YongoPal

YongoPal – Make Money by Making a Difference!

Sounds great, right? But what exactly is YongoPal? Apparently the site offers a service that connects Korean university students with native English speakers who will get paid for having a chat in English with the students.

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italki reworks SpeakENG offer – adds Sampler and Levels

Language learning community / marketplace italki reworked its flagship product, the Eleutian SpeakENG course by adding different levels and the SpeakENG Sampler.

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Using ChatRoulette in Online Education

Danger, danger. Don't talk to Strangers

Danger, danger. Don't talk to Strangers

No, I don’t mean sexual education although ChatRoulette is famous for its normal people to weirdo ratio.

But if you put all that aside the concept itself could work tremendously well in a controlled environment.

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TeachStreet launches powerful new Search Features

As you know TeachStreet recently opened its platform to teachers from around the globe which means to online teachers. As a result TeachStreet launched a new version of its search.

The changes consist of an in-depth filtering system and a roll up of different classes by the same teacher.

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The recently launched LearnerConnect Feature on WiZiQ gets an Extension for Students of the Platform

About three weeks ago WiZiQ introduced its new LearnerConnect feature to the premium members of the platform which allows teachers to track students who are potentially interested in taking a lesson.

Now WiZiQ opened the feature towards the student’s side, allowing them to directly connect with teachers.

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Myngle breaks the Trend and forces Teachers to take higher Prices

Since language learning platform Myngle have promoted Stefan Booy to Head of Education there is a lot going on. Apparently Stefan is trying to catch up with issues that had been discussed for a while in the forum but never really been attacked by the company before.

For about two months things change rapidly and although the process is not finished Myngle took a major decision yesterday. The platform now has a minimum price of 9 Euro for 30 minutes and 13 Euro for 45 minutes of 1:1 teaching.

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Review of the TechCrunch Paris event #tcparis

As some of you might have noticed from my Twitter stream last Wednesday, I attended the TechCrunch Paris event hosted by Mike Butcher, editor of TechCrunch Europe.

What can I say? Nothing, because the event left me speechless. I lost my voice although I did not even take the tour through Paris with the gang after the event.

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Supercool School will launch at DEMO – wants to become the Ning of Education

Today Supercool School will officially launch at the DEMO Spring 2010 event in Palm Springs. DEMO is one of the most renown event in the tech sector and Supercool School is one of only 65 companies that will pitch during the event.

Many companies that are cornerstones of the tech industry today launched at DEMO such as Palm, Adobe Acrobat, WebEx, TiVo, LindenLab to mention a few.

In a short presentation on Venture Beat the founder of Supercool School shares some facts and figures how he sees the future of the platform.

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Babbel launches Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese – Offers Language Flex

Language learning community Babbel adds two new languages, Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese, to its portfolio which now includes a total of seven languages.

Until March 26th members can also buy a special offer called Language Flex which allows them to learn all languages offered on the platform.

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Babbel declares Premium Model a Success – Busuu launches new Group Feature

We got  interesting news from the two European competitors of Livemocha. Markus Witte, Co-Founder of Babbel wrote a blog post about the success of Babbel 2.0. If you can remember, Babbel changed from their freemium model to a premium only model in November 2009 which of course has caused some discussions if this was such a clever move.

The Co-Founder of the language learning community Busuu, Bernhard Niesner, wrote on their company blog about the launch of a new group feature on the site.

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Edoboard gets a Tutoring Management Solution – launches Tutorsbox

The founders of Edoboard, a virtual classroom built for maths and science classes (can also be used for language lessons, of course), launched a complete tutoring management solution for schools and institutions called Tutorsbox.

The goal is to help those institutions and schools to organise and supervise tutors and students more easily.

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Plugg StartUps Rally 2010 – Review

Unfortunately the two online education start ups Sclipo and English Attack! which were on the shortlist of this year’s Plugg StartUps Rally did not make it in the final round.

Nevertheless you should watch their pitches in the videos below to get an idea of their products.

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WiZiQ adds a slick new Feature for Premium Members called LearnerConnect

WiZiQ keeps adding great features for its Premium account teachers and honestly, even before this newest feature the $49 USD per year were totally worth signing up for it.

Anyway, the new feature LearnerConnect is one more good reason. It enables the teacher to see who took part in his / her public classes and public tests.

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italki adds China’s largest interbank payment network UnionPay to its Portfolio

italki is proceeding on its way of building a solid basis for its worldwide language learning marketplace.

After adding WebMoney, an online payment webservice popular in Russia and the CIS last week, italki announced today that the platform now offers payments via UnionPay.

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Lenguajero Audiocast Contest 2010

Natalie and August, digital nomads who founded Lenguajero a language learning community for English and Spanish speakers while travelling through South America announced the first Lenguajero Audiocast Contest today.

I think this a really nice example of engaging with your audience, so let’s take a closer look at the idea.

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#ripoff-stone or Livemocha does a Twitter Experiment

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Livemocha is challenging Rosetta Stone in a fight for the crown of language learning. It already started with the comparison chart three reasons why Livemocha is better than Rosetta Stone, went on with the anouncement that Livemocha and Collins aim to be the Number One language learning provider of this decade.

And now Livemocha invented a new hashtag #ripoff-stone.

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italki add WebMoney as new Provider to its Payment Portfolio

italki announced on their blog that the platform is offering payment via WebMoney from now on.

WebMoney is a popular online payment provider in Russia, the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and parts of Europe.

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Livemocha and Collins announce Partnership for Premium Courses

Language learning community Livemocha, now over 5 million members strong, announced a new partnership with a publisher. This time it is Collins and together they will work on premium Spanish, French, German and Italian courses.

Now this means basically that the giant from the other side of the Atlantic throws an eye on the market of its smaller competitors Babbel and Busuu, namely Europe.

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Two Online Education Start Ups will pitch on the Plugg Start Up Rally

This year’s edition of the Plugg conference will have two online education start ups on the Start Up Rally. Every year a jury of experts selects 20 companies for the short list of the Rally. Those companies will then pitch during the conference and eventually there will be one winner selected by the jury and one winner selected by the audience.

The Plugg conference is founded and hosted by Robin Wauters who you might also know as writer of TechCrunch.

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