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Merry Christmas to all my Readers!

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Thank you all so much for the support and friendship through the past year. My best wishes for you and your families. Take care.

Livemocha secures another $8 Million in Series B Funding

Just when you think you can start with the recap post of the year TechCrunch reports that the online language learning community Livemocha has secured another $8 Million USD in series B funding.

This sums up to a total of $14 Million USD in funding and should help Livemocha in its fight for the crown against Rosetta Stone TOTALe.

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It’s not about You or Why we need a new Mindset

Social Media has changed the way we interact with each other forever. We are living in a totally different world than maybe two years ago and the end of this social shift is not even at sight.

But most of us still behave as if we were living in a world without Social Media and that can be very dangerous.

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Christmas Presents from italki

As I mentioned in my earlier post today about WiZiQ, italki also has some nice new features for its teachers underneath the Christmas tree.

italki has been very busily working on their marketplace recently but the features they launched today are more affecting the overall usability and the booking process on the platform.

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Christmas Presents from WiZiQ

Today WiZiQ and italki both announced some very interesting new features to their websites which will be very helpful for teachers who are using those platforms.

WiZiQ is enlarging the possibilities for teachers to monetize on the content they deliver and italki adds some long awaited features like lesson packages to their service which I will cover in a second post.

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Staying Zen in Twenty Ten :)

Today a new member joined the team for 2010. This little guy will help me to stay Zen in 2010 :).

I just love Japanese gadgets and this little guy even works on solar power. Bought him in a little shop in Saint Malo today. The best for long and dark breton evenings ;).

For more cool gadget ideas and videos about Japanese culture visit my friend Koichi at Besides being a really nice guy and awesome storyteller he is also a Japanese Teacher Rockstar and Social Media Manager at eduFire.

And of course YOU can help me to stay Zen, too. Simply vote for my blog at the Edublog Awards 2009 and tell all your friends to do the same 😉 Thank you in advance (I am listed as Kristen Winkler).

eduFire suspends the SuperPass from January 1st 2010

Just received an email from eduFire as all teachers on the platform, I guess.

As of January 1st, 2010, we are suspending the eduFire SuperPass program. Although we have received good feedback about SuperPass and are excited about its possibilities, we have a need to spend some time working on the SuperPass model as the results were not quite what we had hoped for. […]

That’s quite big news, I’d say.

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Edublog Awards 2009 – I am nominated!

Wow, I just saw that I am on the shortlist for the Edublog Awards 2009 in the category “Best new Blog”.

That’s really a big honour so thank you for everyone who nominated me, especially to Andrew Warner of Mixergy my model and inspiration to start with EDUKWEST. Thank you Andrew :).


Now my fighting spirit is awake, of course. Therefore, if you like this blog, please vote for me at the Edublog Awards 2009.

Teachers are Dinosaurs



This seems to be the sentence that stuck from my presentation at the last ETCon. Teachers are Dinosaurs old and ponderous in mind and hence doomed to extinct.

Of course I chose this title because it is kind of edgy and fits all the cut and dried opinions people have about education in general and teachers in particular. And as I think this is a very interesting topic I would like to elaborate my thoughts on this a bit more in detail than I did during my presentation.

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WiZiQ introduces Self Paced Courses to Premium Members

Today WiZiQ officially launched a new feature for premium members of the platform. From now on premium teachers can create and sell asynchronous, self paced courses to students.

I think this is a great addition to the existing range of features and rounds up the overall experience for teachers as well as for students on the WiZiQ platform. And for teachers who are not yet premium members this could be a good reason to opt in for the premium account.

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