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Busuu and Babbel are nominated for the European TechCrunch Awards

The two european based language learning communities (Spain) and (Germany) are nominated in different categories at the Europas, the european TechCrunch Awards in London.

I will be there, too and hope to get some “insider info” out of those guys. And some free cocktails, of course.

If you want to vote for your favourite platform, here are the links. is nominated as

The Europas: Best Web Application Or Service (EMEA)
The Europas: Best Bootstrapped Startup (less than 3 years old) is nominated as

The Europas: Best Web Application Or Service (EMEA)
The Europas: Best Design

Votes are open until wednesday (July 2nd). So, go vote :).

The Effect of Guy #3 and the Power of Crowd Sourcing

This week reached the astonishing mark of 3.000.000 members, adding the last 1.000.000 in less than 5 month!

They also added 12 additional languages and are now offering courses in 22 languages. What makes this platform so successful?

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When I opened my feed reader today I was astonished to read the following news: won a Silver Lion in Cannes.

What? Are they doing independent movies these days, did I miss something? But then I realized they won it for their famous marketing campaign for the Silbo Gomero.

I did not even knew what an impact it made in the news not only in Spain but also in other european countries like Germany and France. A very good example for a clever start up marketing strategy. Looking forward to meet Bernhard in London for the TechCrunch Awards and to have a cocktail on his Silver Lion!

New Busuu Flashcard Widget

Ok, today I will try something new. During the development of the workshops and courses for the E-Teachers Academy I got into screen casts as a very nice method to show people directly on their screen what I want to teach them.

So this is the first screencast for my blog. It’s about the new widget from that will deliver a set of flashcards every day to your blog.

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All You Can Eat at eduFire

Today I got an email from the “Colonel” introducing the new eduFire “All You Can Eat Learn Menu” at the amazing price of $29!

Jon told me already quite a while ago about it and now I am really interested to see the effects the SuperPass will have on paid lessons.

So let me give you a brief overview and my thoughts about this offer.

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Smartphones and E-Learning

David Waldorf for TIME

David Waldorf for TIME

Today is a historic day in many ways. There is the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, the 25th anniversary of Tetris and the launch of the Palm Pre Smartphone in the USA.

I am thinking for quite a while now about the potentials that Smartphones have for education. So in honour of the Pre (I can’t wait until they launch it in Europe) lets talk about Smartphones a bit.

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