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One Year eduFire – Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! One year eduFire – time really flies.

So let me give you my  personal review of the past year with eduFire and my wishes for the year(s) to come.

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eBay and Education 2.0

Ain’t it interesting how one single company can change things that remained unchanged for centuries before? If you ask people today “What is an online marketplace?” they will certainly answer “eBay, of course.”

But why do we call eBay a market place? I think there are two big differences that don’t really match the marketplace idea.

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The Magic Whiteboard

No, this is not another virtual classroom software. So it  is not education 2.0, you might say. Well, not on the first look but I found this product on an education 2.0 website I am currently reviewing for this blog, It immediately got my attention and I want to share this with you because I think most of us online teachers still have offline clients and there are new and interesting synergies between on- and offline.

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The Purpose of Things

I think we can all agree on this definition:

Everything that is invented, build, manufactured is made with a certain purpose in mind. If this thing does not serve the purpose it is broken.

A car is made to bring you from A to B. If the car does not serve this purpose anymore, it is broken.
A toaster is made to toast bread. If it does not toast bread anymore, it is broken.

And I think we can all agree on this second definition:

If something is broken and does not serve its purpose anymore, it is useless.

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Myngle Affiliate Program

As I am very busy building the walls of the E-Teachers Academy I am abit behind schedule with bringing you the news about the websites I observe.

So in the next couple of days I try to catch up a bit. Lets start with the new Myngle Affiliate Program.

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New features on offers two brand new features to their students. One is the busuu-energy that you can send to your friends, the other one is a personalized learning progess report.

Both features are made to support the students in their language learning. Everyone who learns a language comes sooner or later at a point were the enthusiam of the first steps is gone away. wants to help you to get over that gap.

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The E-Teachers Academy

Today it is up to me to announce a new project of mine. On the 1st of June 2009 a couple of colleagues and I will open the E-Teachers Academy.

The Academy is a direct result of my experience in the past year teaching online and the talks I had with different CEOs, colleagues and students from around the globe. The main goal of the Academy will be to empower teachers for education 2.0.

So let me explain the idea.

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