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Welcome to the Djungle – Guerillas on eduFire

As you might know already: eduFire is famous for using guerilla marketing strategies to spread the word about their platform. With the recent implementation of two little buttons they help you, the teacher, to spread the news about your courses on two of the biggest social networks on the net: facebook and Twitter.

And there is even more.

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The Co-Founder Bernhard Niesner has been selected as WU Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 by the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien.

The Award is organized by the University of Economics & Business of Vienna, Austria, the EU’s largest educational institution for business and economics, business law, and social sciences, with about 20,000 students.

Although being a little late (there is really too much going on in education right now!) I want to take the chance to congratulate Bernhard and the team of for this award. As the interview in the Alumni News is in German I would also give my readers a brief overview of the content.

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WiZiQ’s New Learning Request System

Yesterday I attended a class of Vikrama Dhiman about the new Learning Request System from WiZiQ, so basically about how to find students on this platform.

Although the audio was not very good I think I understood the idea ;).

And did you notice: they changed the new logo back to the old color scheme. Well done!

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The Evolution of Teaching

When I am browsing the forums of education platforms I come across one idea between online teachers from time to time. It has something to do with evolution. Basically they say that online teaching has to be radically different from what we teachers did up to now. No more text books. Everything must be interactive and online.

But if we take a closer look on the evolution of mankind and compare it to the evolution of teaching we will see something different.

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