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Demand-Driven Teaching #teach-me #edufire and #i-teach is famous for its Guerilla Marketing Strategies which are really effective, by the way. I think basically 90% of eduFire’s marketing is done with those strategies and and driven by the enthusiasm of their community.

The newest idea comes from Kareem, one of the eduFire founders and is already known as “the new education revolution on Twitter” between eduFire teachers.

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italki officially launches its Language Tutoring Marketplace

A few days ago I received an email from Toffler Niemuth of about their announcement of launching a language tutoring marketplace on their site.

Back in january I already did a brief post about this platform but I think they are a decent alternative to and which are in the same market segment for the asian and indian sector. Therefore, lets have a look what italki offers to teachers and students.

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Content not Faces?

I recently started a new video lesson series for my free Deutsch Happen project. It’s about the most often used verbs in German and I conjugate them in four different cases.

The interesting part for me is that

  • those videos receive more views than my older videos
  • those videos get more comments, too

So I wonder if I still should do videos where you can see me or will I change my video concept completety… is it just about content and not about faces?

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Partnerships – a new Trend in Education 2.0

In one of my last blog posts I wrote about the partnership announcement of and

One day later I came across the announcement of that they are now a part of the language learning platform

Then, a content provider for ESL material, announced a partnership with

And finally this morning I saw the following tweet of Jon Bischke, CEO of

Ok, this tweet might just be a joke, it probably is but still I think there is some kind of a trend towards teaming up between different companies in the education sector which can complement each other. Or is it to beef up for a weak economy in 2009 and to show some muscles to the competitors?

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Myngle wins again!



Another trophy for the shelf of Marina Tognetti and the guys at Today Myngle won the “People’s choice Award” in the Plugg Start-Ups Rally 2009.

The people seem to love Myngle. So lets see what the future will bring. Congratulations, Mr Parrot (and the Myngle team, of course!).

Livemocha and Pearson Announce Partnership for Online Language Learning and join forces to co-develop a number of conversational English language courses which will be accessible on Livemocha’s online platform in August 2009.

This partnership will further transform the language learning marketplace, empowering and engaging anyone across the globe who wants to learn English.

Shirish Nadkarni, CEO of Livemocha

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Sparrows vs Falcons

No, I did not change the topic of this blog from online education to ornithology. This is more like one of these psychological tests in women’s magazines “Which animal are you?”.

Infact, it is a metaphor I made up from a blog post in the Myngle forum about the new visibility of “old” teachers due to the new group lessons and which I wanted to share with you.

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A Historic Day for Online Education



Sunday, March 8th 2009. A truly historic day for the online education sector. This day will be remembered as the day the first group lesson on took place while on the first participant took part in a lesson from 30.000 feet above the ground!

We are living in great times, no, in important times! Thanks to the internet education can tear down the last barriers and you can be a part of it.

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One Million Euro Backing for Myngle and the Hot Teacher Affair

First of all the news that started this affair about “hot teachers”. got a backing from Radobank about 1.000.000 Euros. I first heard about it via Twitter and yesterday Myngle got a post on Well, just another post you might think. But no, one sentence in this very post started the fire:

Unfortunately, we were unable to confirm if all the female teachers are as hot as Milagros.

It’s all about the word “hot” of course.

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Myngle introduces Waiting Lists for Teachers

This topic rumored around amongst the teachers in the Myngle forum for a while.
On saturday Marina Tognetti, CEO of Myngle announced officially that there is such a waiting list for new signed in teachers.

And today Elisa Delaini, the education manager of Myngle, explained in the Myngle blog how the waiting list works and how it will affect new teachers on Myngle.

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