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italki with new Language Teacher Section

In addition to their language exchange program is offering a new service since last week. You can now apply as a language teacher or tutor.

Teachers are defined as professionel instructors who already worked as language teachers, tutors are native speakers who share their knowledge on a paid basis, so basically the paid version of a language exchange. Continue reading

Make Money Teaching Online / © petra engeljehringer / © petra engeljehringer

You have a student who wants to learn English with you. Normally, you would go to your car, drive through the town, get into traffic jams, arrive too late, spent money on fuel, loose time on the way…

Now imagine this. You have a student who wants to learn English with you. You get yourself a fresh coffee, go to your PC, login to the virtual classroom, call your student via Skype and you start your lesson.

Wouldn’t it be great?… But why would?… It IS great! Continue reading

Livemocha now offers Travel Crash Courses for $9.95 is one of the social language learning websites on the internet. They were one of the first platforms that followed the approach of language exchange with a part where you study on your own with vocabulary drills and and repetitive exercises  and a part in which both oral and written exercises are corrected by your Livemocha friends.

Up to now, has been a totally free website. They did not even had much advertising on their site, just in the chat. So it was obvious, that they planed a paid content part. And I don’t think that it will stop here. Continue reading Classes Goes Live

Logo EduFire

After a long beta test with its community officially launched its new classes system last tuesday.

The approach is quite unique. The only website that can offer the teacher paid classes with more than one student is The problem with is though that the scheduling system is a bit tricky.

What are the new possibilities for us teachers? Continue reading

How to memorize Vocabulary?

One of my subscribers of my YouTube Channel asked my the following question.


Could you recommend to me the best way to memorising and learning German vocabulary? Because of my lack of vocabulary I am afraid to speak German. I would be very appreciative if you could tell me how I can learn vocabulary and retain it in my memory. Would this be the same with German verbs?

Many thanks!

Continue reading

Relaunch of

Hello world :)

Just wanted to let you know, that I am working on the relaunch of this site. During the last month I was thinking what I can do with this domain. Finally I decided to use it as one of my future “main” sites in the net.

I want to post about how to teach online and, of course, there will be still videos and pictures of my life in France.

So stay tuned. And if you haven’t already, join me on twitter: